Volume 8, Issue 4, July-August  2004


VH1 does it, E! does it, and plenty of late night talk-show hosts do it: the top-ten list. This issue of our Noteworthy section looks back at some of the most well received, inquired-about companies and products.

1. The Power of Steam
One of the most popular items featured in Window Film was the Jiffy Steamer, designed to steam off old window film. The Jiffy Steamer Co., of Union City, Tenn., promoted its product as an alternative to using razor blades or chemical sprays to remove previously applied films from glass surfaces.

Jiffy Steamer Co. helped bring the steamer into the window film industry with the J-2000W and the J4000W Pro-Line Series.
Info visit www.jiffysteamer.com or call 731/885-6690.

2. Decorative Designs
Coincidentally, though a propos for this issue, two companies that caught readers’ attention were in the magazine for their application of decorative film.

Clearwater, Fla.’s Bekaert Specialty Films introduced its Solar Graphics in Window Film, which has its following and is one of the decorative film lines discussed in this month’s cover story, Film Couture. The system of using different layers of film—colored, transparent and reflective—was originally mentioned as an advertising tool, allowing for images to be displayed on retail stores windows.

As could be expected, the custom design capabilities were highlighted and readers responded, making it second for most requested information.
Info visit www.bsf.com or call 800/736-1836.

3. More Designer Decoration
Right on Bekaert’s heels, however, was fellow decorative graphic line, Glasscapes. A trademark of Woodward 1 Automotive, Glasscapes and its bodypart equivalent, Metalscapes, are exterior mounted image graphics that the company markets as designed to allow consumers to use their cars to further reflect their personalities.
The American flag film across a backlite or covering the tailgate of a truck may be the most widely recognized pattern, but the line also includes patterns such as soccer balls and animal print. From the window film standpoint, Glasscapes touts UV protection, a 
3-year warranty and added security to vehicles.
Info visit www.metal-scapes.com or call 888/440-4277.

4. See Through Magic 
While decorative film has been gaining ground not only among consumers but among the industry as well, as evidenced by the responses requesting information on products such as Solar Gard and Glasscapes, CPFilms’ Halcyon Shades caught the attention of Window Film readers, too.
Made with Llumar technology, the shades are said to reflect up to 80 percent of unwanted heat gain and are available in many levels of reflectance and in 23 color contours.
Info visit www.cpfilms.com or call 276/627-3000.

5. It’s a Tie!
Film Technologies International (FTI) and View Plus Window Films tied for the 5th most requests for information on products profiled in Window Film.

FTI, of St. Petersburg, Fla., drew inquiries on its Elite 75-IR, the high infrared rejection film that was added to its Elite solar control window film line. Said to block up to 99 percent of ultraviolet rays and up to 95.4 percent of infrared energy that travels through a window, the Elite 75-IR required no edge seal, prompting many readers to inquire further about it. 
Info visit www.filmtechnolgoies.com or call 800/777-1770.

Meanwhile, the news that View Plus Window Films had signed an agreement to allow CPFilms exclusive rights to market the Canadian company’s Frame/lok system worldwide drew the interest of many readers and generated many inquires into the attachment system. The system anchors windows to the interior side of the frame and, when combined with a window that has security film on it, adds to the protection of the building and its occupants.
Info visit www.cpfilms.com or call 276/627-3000.

7. How Shocking
Global Window Films’ anti–static technology sparked interest among readers. The film processing technique is marketed as keeping dust and fine particles away from the surface of the film during installation. The Pembroke Pines, Fla., company was promoting the use of their films made with the anti–static technology as a time and money saving investment by allowing tint shops and tinters faster, cleaner installation.
Info visit www.globalwindowfilms.com or call 866/664-5622.

8. Rollin’
When Commonwealth Laminating and Coating, a Martinsville, Va.-based company, announced that it was expanding its manufacturing facility and the SunTek™ line, readers took notice. The company reminded the public that it offers reflective and security film as well as charcoal and bronze dyed films for the automotive tinting segment of the industry.
Info visit www.windowfilm.net or call 888/321-5111.

9. The Importance of Safety

Another expansion that stirred response from readers was that of Imaging Science in Willoughby, Ohio. When it opened its new facility, the company implemented its Imagine Glass™ technology to add a decorative aspect to the interlayer in safety glass. Targeting the decorative glass market, the company was focusing on the use of its products in sunrooms, windows, vehicles and conference rooms.

According to the company press release, it can recreate images, patterns or designs up to 146 inches by 60 inches. 
Info visit www.imaging-sciences.com or call 440/975-9640.

10. Last but Not Least
Rounding out our top-ten list of the companies or products with the most reader inquires is Premium Tech, a Miami company that not only sells films of all kinds—commercial, automotive and security—but also a full line of application tools.
Info visit www.premiumtech-films.com or call 877/311-2141.


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