Volume 8, Issue 2, March-April  2004


Mississippi Debates Film Bill

The state of Mississippi’s Rep. Tommy L. Woods recently introduced HB 164 to the state House of Represen-tatives. If passed, this amendment could make it illegal for any person to drive a motor vehicle registered in Mississippi with any window darkened or tinted unless each window has a label certifying that the window has a luminous reflectance of less than 20 percent and has a light transmittance of 35 percent or more.

In addition, if passed, the Department of Public Safety will issue labels to official official motor vehicle inspection stations to be affixed to each tinted window certifying that the film meets the aforementioned requirements, effective July 5, 2005. These stations will also conduct tests to determine windows’ compliance for a fee of $5 per window. Finally, the amendment, if passed, will delete the requirements for film to be approved by the Department of Public Safety and for decals to be provided by the manufacturer.

The International Window Film Association’s legislative committee, chaired by Ben Ford of Global Window Films, currently is working to stop the bill from being passed, based on a number of concerns, including:

• The inaccuracy of the cards the inspection stations will be using to measure light transmittance;
• The fact that the meters are only accurate within two percent;
• The absence of an indication of how to measure reflectivity of the film;
• The use of no-tolerance language in the bill; and
• The $5 fee that will be charged for inspections, which the committee suspects could discourage the use of film.
Info www.ls.state.ms.us/house.htm or call 601/359-3466.

LADWP Extends Program
The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has extended its window film rebate program until June 30, 2004.

“As a steward of our precious resources in partnership with our customers, the Department believes in the efficient and responsible use of energy,” said Lillian Kawasaki, LADWP assistant general manager of Environmental Affairs and Economic Development. “These programs help to communicate this message by bringing savings directly to customers.”

However, the LADWP warns that the rebate funds are limited.

Available funding will be reserved and disbursed on a first-come, first-served basis until the funds are gone, and the program will then end (for window film).

“We encourage our customers to consider proceeding with cost-effective reflective film projects, with or without rebate,” the LADWP said in its announcement. “If customers need assistance in evaluating the economics of their projects, we will be happy to assist them. We will continue to advise customers who have questions about energy efficiency even when funding for the rebates is exhausted.”

To access the rebate, businesses should tell their customers to visit the LADWP’s website, www.ladwp.com, to fill out an online application, or call 800/473-3652 to request an application.
Info visit www.ladwp.com or call 800/473-3652.

AGP Inc. Forms New Company
The management team for the Las Vegas-based AGP Inc. has announced that it is setting up a separate company to promote the company’s products internationally and assist in the sale of dealerships in the international marketplace. 

This new company, called Absolute Glass Protection Inter-national Inc. (AGPII) will also assist in training and the distribution of the Absolute Glass Protec-tion product line in the international market. AGPII says it plans to be operational within 45 days. 

Absolute Glass Protection Inc.’s marketing division also is expanding the company website, www.aslg4you.com, for the global market by providing a foreign language website allowing access to major European, South American and Asian markets for international customers.
Infowww.aslg4you.com or call 702/735-7575.

Westar Closes Doors to Customers
Westar Window Films LLC of Largo, Fla., which previously was the exclusive U.S. distributor for Israel-based Hanita Coatings has closed, according to former president Tom Thomas, and its responsibilities as distributor have been passed on the New Berlin, Wis.-based Tekra, which sells other film products made by Hanita throughout the United States. 
Info www.tekra.com or call 800/448-3572. 


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