Volume 8, Issue 3, May-June  2004


IWFA Helps Disaster Readiness 

The International Window Film Association (IWFA) is co-sponsoring a series of strategic disaster simulations that it says will test community response capabilities not only with regard to immediate action and reaction in case of a large-scale disaster, but also in terms of long-term recovery. IWFA executive director Darrell Smith is serving as a co-chair of the event.

“We’re involved in the planning and oversight of the event,” Smith said. “I will be serving as a member of the control team, which will provide input to all of the various response teams who will be in charge of simulating what community and regional responses will be to a major disaster such as a terrorist attack on a major city.”
The IWFA has been involved with the Safe America Foundation, a non-profit organization that developed the simulation, for the last seven years and Smith has served on the advisory board, serving on the board of directors for the last four years. 

The event consists of table top discussions by members of the business community—both private and public sectors—about a disaster scenario. The groups will then discuss the situation and the rebuilding process. Participants in the event represent all levels of association within the community, from each level of government (city, county, state and federal) to industry, infrastructure, public institutions and the media.

The simulation is unique in the fact that, while many companies have their own plans in place now for how to handle a large-scale disaster of any sort, multiple companies with different plans are coming together and looking at how and if currently laid plans will work alone and as part of a community. Immediate scenarios that will be studied include if emergency response personnel will be able to respond to multiple scenarios at one time and if there are enough resources—both human and physical.

“We’ll look at what will be affected here?” Smith said. “We need to make sure there is bottled water if there is contamination going on. Supermarkets will need to be notified that certain food supplies will be on short supply if the city gets shut-down for days or weeks.”

Should the planned disaster include explosions, simulated injuries of employees will be included, and as Smith indicated, if buildings with safety film on their windows get “hit” it will be noticeable in their injured, compared with injuries from buildings without safety film.

“It will show these participants what commercial buildings can be doing in or near an attack,” Smith said. “Upgrade your glazing, improve the windows and doors in your building and it means employees will have a better chance of survival or a lower chance of injury.”

Other aspects of long-term recovery that will also be addressed include how companies will handle workers who have experience the disaster and lost a co-worker or who may need extended time to recover from injuries.
More than a year of planning has gone into creating the scenarios, event logistics, and the location choices. The first event is scheduled for this summer in Atlanta and is to be followed by events tentatively scheduled in Chicago and Dallas.

What disasters the participants in the event will face at the simulation has yet to be announced—and won’t be until the event takes place—but officials at Safe America confirm that those involved will face multiple disasters to prepare themselves and their city for catastrophe on a grand scale, not unlike what the United States faced on September 11, 2001.

At press time, the Atlanta simulation is scheduled for June 29-30. 

CPFilms Joins Energy Star® Program
CPFilms Inc. of Martinsville, Va., has announced it has joined the Energy Star program as a service and product partner. The program is conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.
According to CPFilms, its film products help reduce air conditioning and heating needs across the country, and also help protect furnishings from damaging sunrays.
Info+ www.bsf.com or call 800/282-9031.

Photo Contest Winners Announced
The winners of the IWFA photo contest were announced recently. The contest was held at the International Window Film Exposition in March. The first place winner was Mike Pisano of Redline Professional Tinting, Inc., for his picture “View to the Sky Thru Sunscape Select.” Second place went to Steve Sabac of Suncoast Glass Protection, Inc., Boynton Beach, Fla. for “Anchored Film System Keeps Business Rolling,” and Kym Singer of Bekaert Specialty Films, Chandler, Ariz., took third for “ComputerCuts-Endless Possibilities”
The winners received monetary prizes of $100, $200 and $300 accordingly.

Viacom Names MACtac® Supplier
MACtac, a subsidiary of the Bemis Co., has announced that Viacom Outdoor has chosen several of its products for use in the advertising company’s applications. Specific products receiving approval include the IMAGin® JT5000, MACscreen® 8100 and 9200 series of vinyl films.

The IMAGin JT5000 is a family of adhesive-backed digital vinyl films developed specifically for wide-format solvent inkjet printing, while the MACscreen 8100 and 9200 series are designed for screenprinting.

FTI, Bekaert Specialty FilmsAchieve ISO Registration
Film Technologies International Inc. (FTI), has announced that its St. Petersburg, Fla. manufacturing site is now registered as ISO 9001 certified. According to the company, the registration signifies that it has a quality system in place that meets ISO requirements.

“We have streamlined and fine-tuned our entire facility from customer service to shipping,” said Frank Miro, executive vice president of operations.

International Management Systems (IMS) issued the registration and will continue to audit FTI operations regularly as part of ISO 9001 requirements.

Bekaert Specialty Films announced that it has received ISO 9002 certification for achieving the standards associated with the implementation of a high-quality management system within a manufacturing organization.

“The ISO certification is a validation of our ongoing effort to deliver un-matched service at all levels within our organization,” said Christophe Fremont, general manager. “From sourcing materials to the timely delivery of our films, we are most efficient and effective, and that is to the benefit of each and every one of our customers.”

Originally certified under the 1994 ISO revisions, Bekaert Specialty Films re-applied for certification in order to achieve the standards associated with the year 2000 requirements. The re-certification process began in the fourth quarter of 2003 and was complete by the end of that same year.


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