Volume 8, Issue 5, September-October  2004

Dear Window Film

Tinting perfectly circled glass?
Dear Window Film:
Have any of you tinters out there come across circular windows that need to be tinted and how do you go about doing them?

I had six to install today that were about 32 inches in diameter and the film had to be PS reflective as well. What made it harder was the fact that the glass was recessed in about three inches, like porthole glass in a boat.

I tried making a large template with the film on a bench by using a bit of string and pivoting it in the centre and scribing it with a felt tip pen to make the chartered circumference. This worked sort of but it wasnít brilliant. I couldnít use a compass, as I didnít want to hole the film.

It was sure a handful on my own and on hot sunny glass with PS going off.
Any suggestions appreciated.
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Video Room Too Bright
Dear Window Film:
We want to turn a room in our house into a video room w/ a projector and video screen. The room is in the shape of a hexagon and with three 12 foot-long by 5-foot-high cantilevered windows (they tilt out at the top) it looks like an airport control tower. The windows admit way too much light. We need to be able to darken the room to almost total darkness during the day, but still be able to see the view through the windows when the room is not in video mode.

Is there a film solution to this or am I stuck with buying window shades?
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