Volume 8, Issue 5, September-October  2004


American Non-Graffiti (Film)
Johnson Window Films Inc. has introduced the Defendor line of film, designed as an anti-graffiti film to combat vandalism.

According to company information, the clear film is a polyester construction bonded with adhesives to provide an invisible but non-distorted view. The film also includes scratch-resistant coating to prevent scratches.
Johnson is marketing the Defendor line as “the perfect deterrent against spray can graffiti, tagging, keying and etching vandals and smash-and-grab robbers,” though company literature points out that applications can be made to store display cases, bus shelters, subways and trains, bathroom mirrors and stalls as well as elevator doors.

Roll With the Punches
MACtac® Graphic Products has introduced a new punching process to the graphics industry for its MACmark® marking films, part of the performance graphic family of products. According to the company, the process is a step toward resolving the punch design problem of tear-out during processing on Gerber equipment.

The design incorporates vinyl in the universal punch pattern on the edge of the film and features a scoring process to isolate shrinkage.

The Stow, Ohio-based company also introduced wider, longer sizes for its IMAGin® digital media, the JT5828 and JT5829. The new sizes are ideal for vehicle graphic applications, according to company literature, and are offered in 64 and 79 inches.

What Is That Masked Machine?
The Web Ranger Surface Inspection System by Wintriss Engineering Corp., specializes in 100 percent inspection of continuously processed materials such as films, foils and coatings. According to the San Diego-based company, its system provides a lighting solution based on a schlieren optical technique, and its Linescan “Smart Camera” technology combined with its Distributed Architecture based process monitoring system, allow the user to view inspection related date in real time.

The Web Ranger is a complete hardware and software package that utilizes digital imaging, a Flaw Image window, a Web Map window and a Flaw/Event List window, allowing users to see both the flaw and where it is on the line. According to a company product release the system can detect scratches less than .001-inch wide.

Ace Up the Sleeve

Ace Security Lam-inates, headquartered in Ontario, Canada, has released its newest form of corporate advertising, a mini-disc that plays a five-minute video illustrating the security films offered by the company, as well as applications across the spectrum of uses.


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