Volume 9, Issue 1                        January/February 2005


New Products at the SEMA Show

Much Ado About Madico
Among the newer products Woburn, Mass.-based Madico had on display at the SEMA show was the new 3D pre-cut film. It allows film installers to order film for certain vehicles and have it delivered pre-cut to the specs of the vehicle’s windows, already curved and shrunk for quick installation. 

Pre-cut, decorative patterns can also be purchased for application, and both the decorative patterns and the 3D pre-cuts can be purchased both in a professional package and as do-it-yourself packages. The 3D precut film for backlites start at $40, with windows starting at $19.

Additionally, Madico introduced its vehicle security film, Window Armor, which is available in 5 mil and four different shades of tint.
Info+ www.madico.com or call 800/225-1926

Carbon Wealth
Commonwealth Laminating and Coating of Martinsville, Va., brought its Carbon Series film to the SEMA show, which it displayed on the windows of a BMW in its booth. Carbon-dyed without any metal layers, the company markets the Carbon Series film as never fading and not interfering with signals for cell phones, radios or navigational systems.
Info+ www.suntekfilms.com or call 276/632-4991

A Hand for Hanita
New Berlin, Wis.’s Hanita Tek Window Films, distributor of Hanita Coating’s SolarZone and SafetyZone window films, brought information on both its automotive and architectural films to the SEMA show. Of particular pride for the company was the fact that its SolarZone automotive film now comes printed with the number of lineal feet left on the roll.
The measurement of remaining film is printed at meter intervals that run the full length of the roll.

“Installers will never be left on the job again without enough film,” said Lloyd Brown, president of Hanita Tek.
The company also introduced its Omega Plus 45, an addition to its Omega Plus line with 45-percent visible light transmission (the line previously covered light transmissions from 15 – 35 percent only). In addition to Omega Plus, Hanita Coating’s automotive film lines are Solar Steel, Astra and Aura, all of which have the metered liner.

Info+ www.hanitatek.com or call 800/660-5559

3M’s New FX
While the warranty may be a distinguishing factor between 3M’s new ScotchTint™ FX window film, it isn’t the only one. ScotchTint FX-ST and FX-HP both come with multiple shading levels and a charcoal hue, but HP contains a metal coat and a limited lifetime warranty while ST comes with a limited three-year warranty.

The ScotchTint FX line wasn’t the only window film 3M promoted at the SEMA show; one of its new films is for architectural use. The Ultra Night Vision safety and security window film is a hybrid film that combines the company’s low reflectivity Night Vision film with its Scotchshield™ Ultra safety and security film. The resulting film is said to provide both safety from flying glass, low reflectivity (particularly at night) and heat rejection.
Info+ www.3M.com/windowfilm or call 800/480-1704

All Hail Haeuei
Haeuei Enterprise of Singapore unveiled its latest addition, RAY-SHIELD, at SEMA 2004. RAY-SHIELD is being marketed as “a complete solution for heat reduction while driving.”

Created by Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Haeuei information states that the film rejects more than 95 percent of both ultraviolet rays and infrared heat, while providing a visible light transmissibility of 86 percent. According to the company, RAY-SHIELD is designed to meet the strictest international tinting regulations.

Haeuei is the official distributor.
Info+ www.haeuei.com or call 65 67411996

Be a LlumaStar®
CPFilms’ has developed a system that company literature says enables its Llumar window film to provide “the highest color consistency and longevity throughout [the] entire product line.” The new system was an integral part of the company’s presence at SEMA. Dubbed LlumaStar, the technology driving the system comes with a warranty against color change, bubbling, cracking, peeling or demetallizing (for as long as the car owner possesses the vehicle).

Info+ www.Llumar.com or call 800/255-8627

Escape with Glasscape
Glasscapes, the punched vinyl window graphic company out of Farmington Hills, Mich., has added some new looks to its line of decorative art for vehicles and made sure interested parties received the newest brochure featuring the latest additions, many of which are also available in solid vinyl body graphics through the company’s Metalscapes division.

Info+ www.glasscapes.com or call 888/440-4277

Are You a Tekkie?
Ontario-based Tint Tek 20/20 offers window film cutting software that until recently was available only through CPFilms. Now selling directly to dealers, Tint Tek 20/20, which sells the Tint Tek 20/20 automotive window film cutting system, is marketing itself and its product on the basis of design and accuracy.
According to company information, professional window film installers and members of the automotive tint industry designed the system, which can cut film for an entire vehicle in three minutes. A software upgrade, Tint Tek 20/20 Plus, is the company’s top-of-the-line system, that allows users to track film inventory, maintain a customer database and use password-protected management to produce reports as needed.
Tint Tek 20/20 offers a flat glass version of its software, as well as a Palm Pilot operated tint cutting system (for flat glass applications only). For those tint shops that also offer paint protection film, Tint Tek 20/20’s sister program Pro Tek 20/20 is available, designed by the same people who created the Tint Tek 20/20 window film cutting software.
Info+ www.tinttek.com or call 877/483-5200

Put the LUX in Luxury
Global Window Film’s new G-LUX HP automotive film made its debut at the show. With VLTs ranging from 05 to 50, the line is produced in one color family for matching combination installations, and each comes with a lifetime warranty. Global also guarantees that its film won’t turn purple. It is also promoting the Super Shrink™ and Anti-Static™ features associated with the G-LUX family. All members of the G-LUX family are 1.5 mil film with visible light reflectivity between 7 and 8 percent.

Info+ www.globalwindowfilms.com or call 866/664-5622

Slim Shady
Saint Petersburg, Fla.-based Film Technologies International brought the two newest additions to the Sun-Gard line of automotive film: Nighthawk and Shadow.

Nighthawk, a 1.5-mil dyed, metallized, high-performance construction film comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a scratch-resistant coating. The company is calling the film “a new shade of excellence in window film.”

Shadow, on the other hand, is a non-metallized construction and does not interfere with GPS and radio frequencies, according to the company. Providing a smoke-like appearance, Shadow also has a scratch-resistant coating and comes with a limited lifetime color change warranty.
Info+ www.filmtechnologies.com or call 727/327-2544

National Reading Material
Bridgewater, N.J.-based National Adhesives has issued material containing information about its NACOR® 38-503A family of waterborne, pressure-sensitive adhesives.

The publication outlines the features and benefits of the acrylic/polyurethane PSAs, which are designed for what the company calls superior water and humidity resistance. Company press material says the adhesives are ideal for use with clear film over-laminating with decals and in prime label and graphic art applications.

Included in the publication is a table detailing the typical performance characteristics.
Info+ 800/797-4992

Electric (Producing) Company
Intertec, a division of Doralco in Aslip, Ill., has entered the market for photovoltaic solar shades to provide design elements to buildings and produce electricity at the same time. According to the company, the shades also earn U.S. Green Building Council LEED™ credits for those who utilize them.

Info+ www.intertecsunshades.com or call 708/388-9324

A Smashing Success
ISRA Surface Vision, a Norcross, Ga.-based company specializing in multi-technology surface inspection, has developed a new, high-speed web inspection system called Smash Web. The Smash Web system is configured with the highest speed camera and the fastest image processing board available. According to the company, the system is equipped to handle a maximum input data rate of 240MB per second.

The system provides image captures of defects in film, such as gels, contamination, streaks and scratches.
Info+ www.isravision.com or call 770/449-7776 

Another Way to OptiGauge
Lumetrics Inc. of Rochester, N.Y., has announced the introduction of an off-line scanning system combined with the company’s OPTIGAUGE™ film thickness measurement system. The OPTIGAUGE gauging system has been combined with a scanning system to provide rapid yet detailed analysis of complex film compositions.

The system employs optical technology to measure absolute thickness to an accuracy of plus or minus 0.004 mil and, according to company literature, guarantees this specification by continuous calibration with a built-in reference standard.
Results are displayed in graphical form and the system stores the data for downloading to any statistics program.

Info+ www.lumetrics.net or call 585/214-2455

CPFilms Sees More than Just Film
Halcyon™ Shades with Llumar technology by CPFilms Shade Division have hit the market, providing additional options for blocking glare and heat. 

The shades are said to block 99 percent of ultraviolet (UV) rays and reject up to 80 percent of unwanted heat gain, while offering daytime privacy without blocking the view. Made by an embossing process, the polyester material shades are available in gray, bronze, green blue and black-out. They come in open shade, box cassette or fascia cassette housing and are custom manufactured with a full manufacturer’s warranty.
Info+www.halcyonshades.com or call 888/273-4567.

Excel with Exel
Exel, a manufacturer of sports equipment in Rohrdorf, Finland, now also makes designer film currently used to decorate snowboards. According to Bayer MaterialScience, which provides the thermoplastic polyurethane for the film, the variant of Desmopan® TUP does not yellow, even after significant lengths of exposure to the sun, and does not require UV protective coating.

Info+ www.exel.fi or call +358 15 34611                                                                                             WF

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