Volume 9, Issue 4                                      July/August  2005



SEMA Surveys Customization of Cars
The Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) surveyed consumers on Spring Break in South Padre Island, Texas, asking about the vehicles owned and first personal modifications made to those cars.

The survey group, 70 percent of whom were male and an average age of 24, mostly lived in Texas (91 percent) and while the list of cars they owned varied from the 240SX to the Mustang, most of those surveyed drove a Honda Civic. And the most popular customization the same group would have done to their cars first? More than 23 percent of the responses indicated that the wheels are the first thing they would have customized, followed by the CD/stereo system.

Having the windows tinted first ranked on par with the camshaft, chrome accessories, clutch, engine electronics, gauges, hood, shift kits, superchargers, and turbo parts.

The same group was also asked about purchasing customized products for their vehicles both in person and on the Internet. Quality was the most important factor in either case, but brand name was the second most important aspect of Internet purchases, while it was came in as the fifth most important aspect when purchasing goods or services in a shop. Ranking higher for shop purchases were the warranty, the range of choices and the price, all of which were ranked immediately lower than the brand name associated with a product made in an Internet purchases. 


Americans Overseas Protected by Film, Remain Vulnerable
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released a report stating that American personnel overseas are still in need of additional protection, though shatter-resistant window film was installed in many of the “soft targets” (homes, schools and places of worship overseas where U.S. officials, their families and other American citizens visit) identified by the government. 

Though the GAO wrote that the United States “has programs and activities designed to protect U.S. officials and their families outside of embassies,” it still “has not developed a comprehensive strategy that clearly identifies safety and security requirements and resources needed to protect [those same citizens] outside the embassies.” 

Window film was part of the first phase of security implementation for U.S. State Department-sponsored schools overseas.


Enpro Completes Safety Film Project
Enpro Distributing, Inc. and KinderCare Learning Centers have announced the completion of their Global Safety Film Program.

The multi-phase, four-year project involved the installation of glass safety film on more than 1,200 childcare centers throughout the United States. The entire nationwide project was managed and facilitated by Enpro Distributing.

In an effort to create a safer environment for children and staff members alike, KinderCare managers determined they could minimize the dangers of broken glass by applying a clear safety film product to both the interior and exterior surfaces of all their windows. 

Madico, Inc developed a film specifically for KinderCare Learning Centers, containing an exclusive scratch resistant coating suitable for interior and exterior applications. 

“The safety of the children in our care is KinderCare’s number one priority,” said Christina Stewart, director of facilities management at the day care provider. “We take great pride in providing the safest possible environment for our children and staff members.”

“We approached Madico with a need for a product like this, and they were more than happy to develop it for us,” said Chris Weinhardt, Enpro director of marketing at. “KinderCare is definitely leading the way in the child care industry. It’s fantastic that we were able to come together and help create a safer environment for the children and staff.”


FTI Wins AIMCAL Industrial Marketing Award
The Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) presented its annual awards recently and bestowed the marketing award for the industrial division upon Film Technologies International (FTI) from Saint Petersburg, Fla. for the company’s Spandrel-Gard product. Spandrel-Gard plays a role in the production of spandrel glass made by Prelco Inc. The award is part of the Vacuum Metallized or Coated Product Awards and was presented at the AIMCAL annual winter meeting on March 17, 2005.

Spandrel-Gard is an adhesive-coated window film for installations on glass in non-vision areas of buildings, such as between floors. It has a metallic finish and eliminates the need for ceramic frit and opacicoat painted spandrel glass, according to FTI.

“This award is a great honor,” said David Fletcher, president of FTI. “We are very proud of our Spandrel-Gard product, as it brings a cost effective alternative to the current spandrel glass market.”



CPFilms Names Maxey Product Manager
David P. Maxey has been appointed automotive product manager for CPFilms’ Llumar® and FormulaOne® high-performance automotive window film. He will be responsible for marketing, sales and product development for the two automotive brand films.

Prior to joining CPFilms, Maxey spent two years as national sales manager for Tele-Works, a U.S. Government marketing and regulatory business service after 15 years as principal executive for his family concern, Maxey Seat Cover Center.

Brewer New Site Manager for Bayer Films
Sheffield Plastics Inc. has announced the appointment of John C. Brewer as site manager for the Berlin, Conn., production facility of Bayer Films Americas, a division of Sheffield Plastics.

Brewer has more than 20 years of management experience in the industry and will be responsible for management of the Berlin site in its entirety, to meet customer demands for existing film products and for new product development. He is responsible for managing the production of all film products and the coordination of all service departments in support of the manufacturing operation, including quality assurance, production, maintenance, engineering, logistics and human resources.

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