Volume 9, Issue 4                                      July/August  2005


Efficiency Made Easy by ECONZ
Small- to medium-sized businesses trying to increase productivity have a new ally in their corner. ECONZ, a company headquartered in New Zealand which now has a U.S. office in Orange Co., Calif., is pursuing a marketing campaign targeting businesses that are trying to streamline job assignments. 

Streamlining, ECONZ-style, is done with both Internet and cell phone. A web-based application allows office personnel to take incoming calls and schedule jobs. The information for the job assignment—including inventory, time and place—can then be sent to the cell phones of shop technicians on the road and allow them the option of accepting (or declining) the job. When jobs are complete, the technician can then send back information about the job including start and stop time and billing information-all of which can be integrated with QuickBooks for manageability in the shop.

The program uses Verizon technology and Verizon customers with the “Get It Now” option on their phones can access the program immediately. There is a fee for each subscription (per user of the system), but there are no minimum or maximum limits set on the usage of the program.

“What we’re doing is giving smaller businesses the ability to compete with larger companies,” said Harry Lane, a sales representative for the company.


Bekaert Increases Sputter Efficiency
Bekaert has launched a new generation of rotatable Sn sputter targets. The new product combines thermal spray technology with high-density structures.

Sputtering is a vacuum coating process and a method for depositing thin films on glass. Bekaert technology allows customers to switch from planar to rotatable targets and offers lower cost of ownership through longer production runs, faster coating deposition and a more complete use of coating material, according to a Bekaert news release. 


Ceramic Security Films
Huper Optik continues to grow its product line with the newest introduction to its line of security films products, Security 8. 

According to Huper Optik, the newest film allows dealers to offer security along with the low reflectivity of the films and solar control. The Huper Optik Security 8 mil scored a level 2 on the blast testing. 

"In today’s growing security needs, we felt this was another way to add value to the Huper Optik Authorized Dealer Network," said Harry Raham, Huper Optik national director of customer relations.


What Tools Can’t You Live Without?
We asked several of the Tint-Off™ competitors what tools they couldn’t live without and here’s what they said. (Razor blades were assumed.)

Olfa knife, spray bottle, squeegee, heat gun and a Philips screwdriver.
—Danny Sanders, 
2005 World’s Best Tinter™

My Blue max (squeegee), Conqueror (squeegee/hard card) and the Olfa knife – those are the main tools I use – and the heat gun. And Gatorade®. I drink a lot of Gatorade.
—Andrew Doiron, 2nd place finisher 2005 Tint-Off™ (see also 15 Minutes with Andrew on page 13)

My Olfa knife, a hard card, turbo yellow squeegee and a heat gun.
—Dan Shaw, third place 
finisher, 2005 Tint-Off™

My gray hard card, bone, chiseler and homemade 45.
—Franz Hyland, 2004 World’s Best Tinter™

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