Volume 9, Issue 2,                                March/April 2005


Getting the Dealer Advantage
Bekaert Specialty Films has introduced a new version of its Dealer Advantage newsletter this year. 
Mailing directly to 8,000 dealers and prospective dealers, the newsletter features tools, tips, dealer installations, dealer success stories and events, among other things, according to a company statement.

Though not a new marketing tool for Bekaert, the company will equip its sales reps with additional copies to distribute and expect this year’s copy to be at even more enhanced than last year’s 40 page issue.
www.bekaertfilms.com or call 727/540-1601.

Be Cool With V-Kool
V-Kool, the Houston-based North American distributor of spectrally-selective applied window films for architectural and vehicular applications, has announced the availability of V-Kool 75™, V-Kool 65™ and V-Kool 40™, which compliment the company’s V-Kool 70™ and V-Kool Secure™ security film. 

V-Kool 75 increases light transmission to 77 percent while blocking 74 percent of infrared heat. This compares to V-Kool 70, which blocks 94 percent of infrared heat while transmitting 70 percent of visible light. The remaining new additions to the V-Kool line measure up accordingly; V-Kool 40 rejects 98 percent of infrared heat and transmits 43 percent of visible light while V-Kool 65 rejects 68 percent of infrared heat and transmits 66 percent of visible light.
www.v-kool-usa.com or call 713/856-8333.

3M Adds Training for Paint Protection Film
Saint Paul, Minn.-based 3M has introduced a comprehensive training, marketing and merchandising kit for its Scotchgard Paint Protection Film. The kit includes a CD/DVD with step-by-step installation demonstration for freestyle and pre-cut kits, along with advanced techniques for challenging applications and instructions for removal.
www.3m.com/windowfilm or call 800/480-1704.

FOCUS ON: Cleaning Tools
You do your job and you do your job well, but your job requires clean up—both before and after. This issue looks specifically at cleaning tools: some of the best sellers and new products that have hit the market recently to help you leave a good impression on your customer.

The Energizer Towel
Performance Tools Distributing, headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, has introduced a washable paper towel that it promotes as saving tinters a considerable amount of money over the course of the year. 

Roughly 16-inches square, the towel is very similar to a synthetic chamois and, according to the company, cannot be torn and will not come apart. 

Designed for use both in pre-tinting preparation and post tinting clean-up, the towel leaves the windows streak-free and lint-free, helping the tinter not have to worry about getting lint between the tint and glass as they would with most traditional paper towels, company information says. 

Other perks the company is citing are the towel’s ability to clean the glass with just water, removing the need for glass cleaners. The towels are washable and have a life expectancy of 6-8 months with normal use.
www.44tools.com or call 866/448-6657.

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