Volume 9, Issue 3                                      May/June  2005


CP Makes the World Super Safe
CPFilms has announced an upgrade to the Llumar Magnum line of Safety and Security film. The range of films, each a laminate of polyester and metallized coatings bonded by a unique adhesive system, offers a range of physical strengths from a “Break Strength” of 101 pounds-force per inch-width to 373 pounds-force per inch-width and “Puncture Strength” of up to 226 pounds-force. The thickness of the film is a key factor in the protection provided. Magnum is available in five thicknesses: .004 inch, .007 inch, .008 inch, .011 inch and .015 inch.

The Magnum window films provide optical clarity without distortion or yellow, cloudy or frosted shadow and have a patented, scratch-resistant surface for trouble-free maintenance with most conventional methods of window cleaning. The line also provides protection from ultraviolet radiation and can be professionally installed as a retrofit product directly to the interior side of the glass, according to the press release, and carry a manufacturer’s warranty.


Of Quartz There’s a New Film
Film Technologies Internation-al Inc. (FTI), headquartered in St. Petersburg, Fla., has introduced the new Quartz automotive film into its Diamond Dealer Program. According to a company NEWS release, Quartz is manufactured with high-quality, color-stable dyed polyesters to ensure long-term durability. A 1.5 mil, non-metallized film, it is being promoted as one that will not interfere with navigation systems, keyless entry devices or radio frequencies.
“The introduction of Quartz strengthens the Diamond Dealer Program and provides an excellent alternative for those who require a non-metallized film for their vehicles,” said Bill Stewart, national sales manager.

The Diamond Program is an exclusive automotive program for premier window film businesses worldwide. Membership benefits include an enhanced warranty program, special co-operative advertising opportunities and access to special lines of automotive window film.


Sheffield’s New Window Grade Now Available
Sheffield Plastics Inc. of Sheffield, Mass., has introduced Makrolon® Window Grade (WG) polycarbonate sheet, available in thickness ranging from .75 inch to 2 inches. 
According to a company press release, Makrolon WG has high impact strength and a high modulus of elasticity, along with clarity, dimensional stability and dielectric properties.


New Sharpener Gives Users the EdgeKing™
Bettcher Industries, headquartered in Birmingham, Ohio, recently introduced the EdgeKing precision scissor sharpener, which offers fast, accurate and consistent blade sharpening, according to a company news release.

The EdgeKing has a cubic boron nitride coated grinding wheel that the press release says maintains a uniform shape and does not grind away with usage. Two blade holders are available: one fixed at 25 degrees and one that is adjustable up to 55 degrees. The company says it can extend back life by 30 percent.

Available in 110- and 220-volt models, each unit includes an illuminating overhead light and built-in dramont point tool.


Magnetron End Blocks – More than Meets the Eye
Bekaert has introduced a new generation of ACV3 end blocks, part of the company’s rotatable magnetron technology. With the new upgrades, the end blocks “integrate two advanced techniques to respond to the requirements and challenges of high power AC sputtering and the needs for improved robustness under a wide variety of operating conditions,” according to a company news release.

The upgrades to the end blocks include an improved current transfer technique in the form of a drum type slip ring to maximized possible current density and minimize brush wear, and advanced water sealing.

According to the company, these added features add to the double dynamic seal for both water-atmosphere and atmosphere-vacuum with intermediate leak checking capabilities that help avoid catastrophic failure and proactively detect seal break-down without the need for interrupting a running coating campaign.


Bekaert on the Wall About Legal Tinting
Bekaert Specialty Films recently distributed more than 1,000 tint law posters to automotive tint shops throughout the United States in an effort to build awareness and support about legal tinting. The posters are available to Bekaert dealers.

“Bekaert is giving these tint-law posters to every tint shop so we can assist small businesses in educating customers and support their continuous effort of providing high-quality, safe and legal window film installations,” said Rob Garlo, automotive product market manager for Bekaert.

Garlo points out that illegal tint jobs can cause lawmakers to enact stricter tint regulations, lowering demand for window film installations and further detracting from law-abiding shops.

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