Volume 9, Issue 5                    November/December  2005

Gearing Up to See Everything that Matters
SEMA 2005 Right Around the Corner

by Brigid O'Leary

The jaw-dropping, eye-popping whirlwind that is the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) is fast approaching and the event is expected to once again outpace, outscore and outrank previous holdings of the show as well as all other like-minded trade shows in existence.

If you think you’re ready for some intense visual, physical and audio overload, make your plans now for SEMA 2005. Let’s look at what you don’t want to miss …

What’s Most Important? Window Film!

Bekaert Brings Hot Stuff –Booth 11530
Bekaert Specialty Films will bring its line of high-performance film, which includes the newest addition, Charcoal, a sputter-metallized film with a VLT of 55-56 percent, as well as the complete line-up of Solar Gard automotive films including the color-stable Quantum and True Grey film series. Bekaert will also have new marketing support available and visitors will be able to pick up new sales and installation strategies and get a first-hand look at ComputerCut Version 5.0. 
The newest ComputerCut upgrade will be launched early 2006, but SEMA attendees will be able to test-drive the Internet-based program’s newest capabilities, including inventory control abilities and a flat glass optimization program. Ongoing demonstrations will be available, showing how patterns and window film templates are downloaded, computer cut and installed in minutes. 
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CPFilms Lookin’ Forward with Llumar —Booth #11916
The LLUMAR Window Film booth will feature the “Tint Shop of the Future,” with automated cutting equipment and its proprietary LLUMASTAR no color change (lifetime warranty) technology film. It is a model to improve tinting diffusion in the automotive aftermarket. The booth will have continuous installation demonstrations of both the latest LLUMAR tinting techniques as well as LLUMAR Paint Protection Film. The featured installation vehicle will be a new, super-personalized Dodge Charger. Once again, LLUMAR will also feature a dealer drawing for a 42-inch plasma screen TV.
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Handling Skills at Film Handler Tools —Booth #11726
Filmhandler Tools will be exhibiting an updated inventory of squeegees, scrapers, digital meters and other popular installation tools. The company also is debuting the newest edition of its catalog, featuring more than 300 tools and accessories.
Digital meters and user-friendly electronics will be demonstrated throughout the show, illustrating how easy it is to give sales-clinching presentations to prospects. Dealers will have the option to place online orders for meters and other tools directly at the booth. 
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FTI, “Garding” Against the Sun —Booth # 11966
Film Technologies International (FTI), will showcase its full line of Sun-Gard automotive films at the SEMA show. With a range of films from the metal-free, non-reflective Midnight film to the high-performance, metallized Endurance film, FTI will be discussing not only its product offering, its warranty program and customer service to visitors at the booth.
FTI will also be displaying the new generation of window film cutting system by TintTek 20/20. FTI has collaborated with TintTek to help expand its services and offer the system to dealers throughout the United States and Canada and will be conducting live demonstrations of the system from the booth
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Hanita Has Plenty to Show
HanitaTek and its parent company, Hanita Coatings, will return to SEMA this year not only with its array of automotive film, but its architectural film in tow as well. Why is a film company bringing architectural film to a car show? As HanitaTek president Lloyd Brown explained, there is a market with those who sell the equipment shown at SEMA.
“These guys can be targets of crime, as people want to break in and steal equipment,” he said.
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Irisfilm Looking Good –Booth 12465
There will be some new faces in window film companies at SEMA 2005, including Irisfilm Corp., a Taiwanese manufacturer of solar control, safety and security, graphic and decorative films, established in 1998. Among the products the company offers are Iris Supreme clear nano films that come with color-stable warranties of three, five and ten years and a hardness rate of 4H.
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Kickin’ Back with Johnson Window Films —Booth #12144
Johnson Window Films (JWF) is gearing up for SEMA with the plans to display its line-up of automotive films, including two new additions: Greystone, a dyed film that the company says is longer lasting than any other dyed film and shrinks easier than any film on the market today, and Flash, a series of colored reflective films the company says are designed for today’s fast-growing market.
Additionally, JWF will have at its booth again this year a window film installation demonstration on the backlite of a VW Bug. New tinters will have the opportunity to sign up for JWF’s tint school “Johnson University” and receive classroom and hands-on window film installation training, and visitors to the Johnson booth will also be able to preview JWF’s new dealer website and to learn more about JWF’s new 100-percent satisfaction guaranteed automotive warranty. Also at the show will be JWF’s exclusive pre-cut program for dealers with commercial and/or residential business, as well. 
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Like a Good Neighbor, Lamin-X is There—Booth 11721
Another new exhibitor on the window-film front at SEMA this yea will be Lamin-X Protective Films from Blue Ridge, Ga.
The company provides paint protection film ranging from 8 mil to 20 mil for a variety of protective covers. Lamin-x, established in 2001, develops and manufactures precut automotive kits for customers and vendors.
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Mad About Madico—Booth #12150
Madico will also return this year. Among the new products the company will have at the booth includes a metallized film that the company says doesn’t discolor and offers greater heat rejection.
Madico is also joining the high-tech foray at the show, debuting the online inventory program created by partner-company FoliaTec. The program contains 15000 templates for precut automotive window film and cross references state tint laws from the point of purchase, preventing illegal film sales.
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Marko Tack Making Its Mark—Booth #12340
Marko Tack (Singapore) Pte Ltd. has more than 30 years experience in solar control window film, and its product range consists of six different logos and trademarks: Inffratecä, FilmTecä, Sunmaskä, Soluxä, E-Techä and CoolZoneä. The company will return to SEMA in 2005 exhibiting Clear View, Nano Particle IR & UV protection film; alloy metal neutral color heat rejection film; black metal superb high heat rejection film and fantasy color film.
Additionally, it will show an assortment of assorted regular color film with and without anti-scratch properties; Conventional Metallized color film; Sun Filter 2-Tone Toptint Gradation Film; Sun Filter Silver Toptint Shade Film; Optical-Version Assorted High Heat Rejection Film. 
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Invasion of the Nanotechnology —Booth 12450
Nanofilm Co., Ltd., a Korean venture corporation that develops, manufactures, and markets heat shielding window films with nano-technology, will also be one of the new booths courting the window film market at SEMA.
The company offers three specific automotive films: STA-NIR70, SCA-NIR35 and SCA-NIR20. The STA-NIR70 has a VLT of 72-percent, and the others 39-percent and 22-percent, respectively. According to the company, none will interfere with radio frequencies and all are said to provide fogging retardation and a fog cleaning effect.
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Toolin’ Around with Performance Films—Booth #12159
Performance Films Distributors, a.k.a. 44Tools, the window film tool distributor from Dublin, Ohio, will use SEMA 2005 to introduce its new 2006 tool catalog, as well as some new tools. The company also will be refreshing its website in time for the show, and introducing several new people added to the company to help keep up with its growth. The company has experienced a growth spurt in 2005, adding ap-proximately 100 new customers every month and hopes to continue the trend at SEMA 2005.
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Protect Gard Guards and Protects (and Decorates)—Booth # 12430
Protect Gard says it will have some new and exciting products to offer this year as well. The company is introducing its new never fade, no change of color Premium Plus Auto films. The films have a lifetime guaranty to never turn purple, fade or change of color.
The company is also offering new colors in high performance colored films, including high performance red, blue, green and yellow and ice blue colors. For those visitors who also work the flat-glass side, the company is introducing the new View Plus high heat rejection and high light transmission films in 60-percent and 70-percent light transmission residential films.
Protect Gard’s entire range of high performance automotive films on auto back glass will be on display so that visitors to both get to touch, feel and see the films applied on glass, and the booth will also display new decorative and privacy films in new colors.
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On Top of the World at Topkos USA—Booth 12177
Topkos USA, of Torrance, Calif., will represent its parent company, Topkos Co., a 45-year-old Korean manufacturer of window film, at the show this year, a first for either company. The company will be showcasing its solar control, safety and security, decorative and interior films. The company also manufactures double-sided tape, screen films, color sheets, ink and inkjet media.
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Finding a Winner in Wintech—Booth 12455
Wintech Co., Ltd., a Korean window film manufacturer with coating facility in Eumsung City, Chungbuk Province of Korea, will also make its first visit to SEMA this year. The company, which started as a sole distributor of Saehan window films in 1997, offers more than 25 different kinds of film, ranging from standard films such as the S-SM 5S that has a solar transmittance of 53-percent and a VLT of 5 percent to safety and security films with properties up to an 8 mil with a VLT of 86 percent.
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And the Rest of the Show
The majority of window film companies will be found in the Restyling and Accessories department of the show. If you’re coming to see only the window film companies, that’s where you’ll spend most of your time and you might not need more than a day or two; but SEMA is a four-day event. Why? Because it’s just that extensive. So if you are thinking about expanding your business, or already do more than just window film, there are plenty of other aspects to aftermarket car equipment for you to partake as well. Other sections of the show include Wheels and Rims and a Hot Rod section.
For the star gazers out there, a variety of celebrities will be making appearances at SEMA 2005, including Jay Leno, who will be giving a speech at the SEMA Industry Awards banquet on November 4, 2005. The Learning Channel’s car remodeling show Overhaulin’ will be taping live in the convention center again this year, so if you didn’t see them last year (or want to see them again), you’ll have your chance.
The SEMA show, though expansive, is never a disappointment, so pack your walking shoes and we’ll see you there.

Brigid O’Leary is the editor of Window FIlm magazine.

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