Volume 9, Issue 5                    November/December  2005


Leistritz Has a Dual Purpose
American Leistritz Extruder Corp., headquartered in Somerville, N.J., has introduced its “dual-purpose” twin-screw extruder system for use in wide ranging color and related dispersive mixing applications.

The system includes either a ZSE-18, ZSE-27 or ZSE-40 mm high-speed twin-screw extruder with a screw design and process section configured for intensive mixing. A gear pump is attached to the front end to build pressure to drive the melt stream through a filtration media, typically 300 to 400 mesh screens, contained in a breaker plate assembly. The Leistritz Macromatex TSCS™ PC based control package allows the pressure in front of the screen pack to be tracked in a defined and repeatable way, with the results available and achieved in both spreadsheet and graphical formats. Both master batch and letdowns can be tested.

When not utilized for pressure rise testing, the twin-screw extruder can be mated with a downstream palletizing system for concentrate compounding development, just like any twin-screw extruder. Pelletizing systems typically do not use the gear pump attachment, unless very fine filtration is required; a gear pump is more commonly integrated with sheet/film/profile/fiber applications. All of these products can be extruded with the dual-purpose, twin-screw extruder system.

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Get Yourself an Indoor Weatherman

Dickson Co. now offers a free Temperature and Temperature/Humidity Mapping guide that works as a best practices guide for warehouse and production facility temperature and humidity mapping to potentially save users thousands of dollars annually by protecting the quality of inventory, according to the company.

The guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create and maintain effective facility mapping programs, including advice on how to determine critical mapping points, appropriate sampling rates, data logger selection criteria and how to approach data analysis and remediation considerations.

“Whether one is using temperature and humidity data loggers for regulatory compliance or simply to minimize losses due to inventory spoilage, the guide has many practical tips on how to save both time and money with effective warehouse and production facility mapping techniques,” said Tommie Spears, Dickson tech support manger.

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While the window film industry is vast and offers a variety of products, there are still plenty of products that offer similar benefits. In this section, we look at some of those products to let you know what is out there and allow you to decide how to use the information to your advantage.

GE Protection Expands
GE Advanced Materials has expanded its line of safety and security products with three new transparent armor laminates for glazing applications: the Armorgard™, Suregard™ and Lexgard™.

The three newest additions to the Lexan™ Margard™ polycarbonate sheet family are targeted to applications ranging from buildings, guardhouses, armored vehicles and detention centers to schools, banks and other critical infrastructure. The products offer heat and impact resistance as well as energy absorption and anti-spall properties.
According to the company, the products meet standards such as ASTM, UL, HP White and the European Standards EN356, DIN 52290 Part3, EN1063 and DIN52290 Part 2. The company further notes that Armorgard, Suregard and Lexgard have been tested to absorb up to 57 psi.

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The “I”s Have It
I-Glass, from Boynton Beach, Fla.-based Creative Environments, is made from polycarbonate with optical lenses inside. The lenses create a three dimensional effect that can be enhanced by lighting applications, such as fiber optics.
According to the company, installation of I-Glass costs less than half of traditional tinting in both time and money. 
I-Glass offers more than 20 color choices and up to five patterns, and is made in the United States.

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New Views from Vistamatic
Vistamatic® Vision Panels are now available in the United States. The panels are comprised of clear and opaque sheets of glass in a single frame. The viewing panel is opened and closed with an integral lever or knob mechanism to reveal or obscure the view into or out of a room.

Triple-glazed and available in six standard sizes, the Vistamatic Vision Panel has found a following in hospitals and research establishments, according to the company, and provides protection against vandalism and fire. Official or corporate logos and safety signs can be incorporated into the panel as desired.

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