Volume 9, Issue 5                     September/October  2005


Greetings From Egypt
Dear Window Film:
I hope that all of you are well and happy. I want to thank you for giving me the honor of sharing in the IWFE Conference and Expo. Also, thank you very much for all of your efforts that really are making a big progress and huge improvements in the window film industry. I did notice that all of you were working to late hours every day just to organize and facilitate everything for us.

Please keep up this noble mission of enhancing the awareness of the world by improving the knowledge of the manufacturers, distributors, dealers and consumers.

May God bless your efforts with success.

Best regards,
Walid Bishara

Question for the Industry
Dear Window Film:
Recently I inquired about the safety benefits of window film for automobiles in the event of a side impact crash. To the best of my knowledge no one has ever performed a formal test of the window films ability to hold glass together in the unfortunate event of an accident where windows shatter.

I am very interested in under-taking this project. I have been doing extensive research on test crash facilities as well as crash statistics. I believe that a short video showing the difference between a side impact without film and with film will be extremely beneficial to the industry and all concerned. It will increase sales and provide an avenue to customers we previously haven’t been able to attract, possibly even an insurance company endorsement. Additionally this will enable anyone in a state that has strict tint laws to sell much lighter films, as the primary reason for purchase will be for safety, in an accident.

I am trying to gain support from the industry. Support and opinions of any kind would be appreciated. Whether you have knowledge of a similar test that has been done in the past or you are interested in being a part of the current proposed project, I welcome anyone interested.

Jeff Tabachnick
Top Edge Inc.

On the Message Boards:
Misleading Statements
Dear Window Film:
It is very common to hear sales staff telling car owners that “your car will not be hot when parking under the sun.” RUBBISH!


Film Removal
Dear Window Film:
It happened several times that when I tried to remove the existing films on the rear windscreen, the metallic radiator lines actually came off. 

At first, I thought it is due to the make/manufacturer of the car or the quality of the rear windscreen. 
However, I was proven wrong! I realized that it will happen on any makes of car. It is due to the adhesive of the certain automotive films. 

Does anyone share similar observations?


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