Volume 10, Issue 1                     January/February  2006



Let Your Light Shine Down

Isoclima S.p.A., which has licensed with Research Frontier Inc., has introduced its new, second-generation SPD-Smart light control film.

The film is produced by Isoclima and characteristics include wide-widths (.6 meters by 2 meters), fast switching speeds (1-3 seconds) and, according to the company, a range of light transmission.

SPD film and end products that work with it allow users to adjust and control the amount of light and heat coming through a window. According to the company, the SPD film can be used in a variety of applications, including architectural and automotive windows and can block more than 99 percent of ultraviolet rays. 

The company also plans to introduce films up to 1.4 meters in the future. 


CPFilms Makes it All Better

CPFilms Inc., headquartered in Martinsville, Va., has announced that it now offers polyester-based release liners that are especially well suited for medical applications. The films include ultraviolet (UV) cured UV5A, UV10, UV12, UV30, UV50 and UV100 and a S10 fluorosilicone release for use with silicone based pressure sensitive adhesives and other materials.


Put Your Faith in Film

EtchArt LLC of Cocoa, Fla., creator of decorative static cling films for windows and glass doors has added Christian faith designs to its Wallpaper for Windows™ product line. The designs give an appearance of stained and etched glass crosses.

“In minutes this will transform an ordinary window or glass door into an artistic expression of Christian faith,” said Larry Cashion, president of EtechArt. “The cost of stained glass is out of reach for many people and churches. The artwork has a balance of elegance and inspiration that all can enjoy.”

Invented in 1995 as an alternative to stained glass, Wallpaper for Windows can be used to decorate exterior and interior windows and glass doors. It is applied to the glass with a squeegee and soapy water.


From the SEMA Show

A ClearVue of Products on the Market

Punched vinyl never looked quite like this before. Utilizing photographs and specially designed artwork, ClearVue Graphics joined the window decoration business, offering more than 400 images ranging from flames and flags to wildlife, foliage and fantasy images.

The company, launched in 2001 from Portland, Maine, pays royalties to the photographers and artists whose work is depicted on each window graphic and the company guarantees against fading for three years. The images are available in three sizes: truck (20- x 65-inches), SUV (30- x 65-inches) and ranger/S10 (16- x 54-inches).


Sticky Chicks and Other Magnetic Fun

If you’re looking for some quick, point-of-sale accessories to hook customers at the checkout counter, Magnegrafix™ might be the way to go.

The .015-inch thick bipolar flexible magnets are made of hypolon rubber ferrite and have an additional protective coating against ultraviolet light for protection against the elements. More than 15 different styles are available, ranging from flames and wolf heads to skulls (flaming skulls), bullet holes, paw prints, butterflies and magnetic bird poo. A few select graphics are also available with a 3D mylar chrome background for a three dimensional feel. 

According to the company, the graphics can be placed on any smooth surface, be it flat or contoured, and apply with no glue or other adhesives. 


Get a Grip

Integument Technologies Inc., a developer and manufacturer of engineered fluoropolymer films headquartered in Tonawanda, N.Y., has announced the availability of FluoroGrip®, an optically clear, fluoropolymer film to protect windows, machine guards and equipment from harsh manufacturing environments. According to the company, the films offer an alternative to thicker sheets currently used to protect standard polycarbonate glass used in equipment such as critical clean and etch, post ash clean/photoresist strip and other systems.

FluoroGrip films provide resistance to a range of chemicals and withstand high temperatures found in harsh semiconductor processing environments. They are available in thicknesses ranging from 3 to 30 mils, a variety of widths and lengths and materials including Teflon® (FEP) and HALAR® (ECTFE) to meet specific clean room requirements.
According to the company, the films are easily cut for size and shape and do not require primers. 


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