Volume 10, Issue 4                             July/August 2006

Auto Glass

Livin’ Like De La Riva

Andres De La Riva, a technician at Perfect Window Tint in Costa Mesa, Calif., walked away from his first International Window Film Tint-Off™ $500 richer, having taken third place in the auto glass competition. The father of three sat down with Window Film magazine after the competition to share a little about himself, his job and his outlook on life. 

Q.  How long have you been applying window film?
A.  Just about 10 years.

Q. How long have been with your company?
A.  I’ve been with the same boss for 10 years. We were with a different company before, but he’s the only boss I know.

Q.  How’d you get started in the business?
A.  Actually, the owner is my uncle. I started working for him part-time and it was fun. I enjoy what I do.

Q.  How many vehicles do you think you’ve tinted since you started?
A.  Thousands, I guess. I do about six cars a day, sometimes more if I’m working mobile. 

Q.  What do you think the biggest obstacle is for tint shops today?
A.  They’re not always willing to offer mobile service. It’s nice for customers to have someone come to them. Shops and
      shop owners have a lack of trust in themselves. 

Q.  What are your future plans for yourself with regard to the window film industry?
A.  Keep going until I can’t anymore. This is my life.

Q.  What is your favorite car to tint?
A.  The Mercedes S500 and the Scion TCO.

Q.  What is your least favorite car to tint?
A.  The VW Bug.

Q.  What vehicle do you find to be the most difficult to tint?
A.  1994 Saturn SL2. I hate the back window on that. It’s tough.

Q.  If you could tint one car (that you have not tinted thus far), what would it be?
A.  Ferrari Ansel. I want to try to do that back window. The Bugatti but that’s impossible; they’re not distributed 
     in the United States. 

Q.  Did you encounter any obstacles in the tint-off, and if so, what were they?
A.  Myself—the pressure I put on myself.

Q.  Will you compete again next year?
A.  If I have the opportunity, yes.

Q. What are your hobbies?
A.  Soccer, handball and pool. WF

Quick Facts:
Family? Married with three children: Andres, Nicolas and Monseratt.
Favorite food? Chicken and rice.
Favorite movie(s)? Philadelphia and Forrest Gump.
Favorite pastime? Enjoying time with my kids.
Favorite book or magazine? Game Informer.
Favorite car? Audi A4.
Favorite sport? Boxing.
Favorite sports team? San Diego Chargers.
One-word description of yourself? Honest.

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