Volume 10, Issue 4                             July/August 2006


IWFA Issues Legislative Alerts 

Tradition … Tradition!
Hüper Optik USA has launched a new line of traditional film products. Traditional Dual Reflective (TDR) 15, 30 and 40; Traditional Silver 15 and 35; and Traditional Bronze 20 and 35. This new line will complement the existing patented Ceramic and Select technologies of Hüper Optik. 

For use in residential and commercial environments, these films deliver energy-saving performance without compromising the decorative and privacy concerns of many consumers and property owners, according to the company. Hüper Optik’s reflective films are two-ply products manufactured with a clear layer of polyester laminated to a highly reflective, aluminum layer. The traditional line is available in 100 linear feet of all sizes, and is fully backed by Hüper Optik’s warranty program and business development services.

“This line of films will enable our dealer network to provide additional solutions that the dealers have requested,” says Harry Rahman, director of business development. “This is Phase 1 of the rollout of our complete business package, which will ultimately include a comprehensive suite of reflective, ceramic and decorative window and window film products.” 

Global Announces New Products 
Global™ Window Films of Florida has announced the introduction of a new range of films for professional installers for cars, homes and buildings.

The films are all two-ply constructions, UV and color-stable, even those films in the non-reflective range. The company is marketing the film as “built to withstand even the harsh Florida sun.”

The automotive films contain features such as “Supershrink™” and “Anti-Static” properties, which, according to the company, aid the ease of installation. Global Window Films further states that the range of products was chosen to ensure matching capabilities with virtually any car (i.e., Fusion™ All-Metal range) as well as the most popular charcoal color in high-performance and non-reflective versions.

In architectural film, the company offers high-performing films with its SunGate™ Silver series and Crystal series, but has also added a new family of films with its Estate™ range, which includes a sputtered neutral, a dual-reflective range. 

An extended safety and security range under the Defender™ brand name has also been created, just in time for what is predicted to be another active hurricane season.

Wipe On, Wipe Off
Integument Technologies of Tonawanda, N.Y., has introduced FluoroGrip fluoropolymre peel-and-stick clear films that the company says protect against paint, acid, dirt and items that can mar the look of a surface.
The Teflon films can be used on a multitude of surfaces, including steel and glass, and are said to be able to withstand most stresses associated with outdoor exposure, such as temperature fluctuations and ultraviolet rays. 

3M Introduces New Confirm Security Label with Floating Image Technology

3M has announced that its newest, high-security, anti-counterfeiting label was introduced on March 30 at the Authentication Connections Forum in Tampa, Fla. The new 3M Confirm authentication label with floating image technology incorporates a unique eye-visible security feature that provides product authentication and can be verified with or without the use of an exterior tool.

The label’s floating image has an optically variable device that appears to float or sink below the surface of the label or disappear entirely, depending on the viewing angle.

“Electronics, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, apparel, cosmetics—the list of items that are counterfeited is endless,” said Bill Markovitz, marketing development manager, 3M Security Systems. “The new Confirm security label will allow manufacturers and distributors to certify their products as authentic and then let wholesalers, retailers and end-consumers rapidly identify fakes.”

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