Volume 10, Issue 2                     March/April  2006


Knight in Shining Armorcoat 

Armorcoat Safety Film, from Bekaert Specialty Films of San Diego, is a thick, optically-clear barrier film that is retrofitted to the inside of windows to reinforce glass around-the-clock, helping to hold it safely in place upon impact should an attempted break-in, natural disaster or bomb blast occur. According to information from the company, Armorcoat is made from the highest quality materials, including tough, high tensile polyester and ultra-strong mounting adhesives, available in thickness ranging from 4 to 14 mil. 

The film is offered in clear and solar control versions. In addition, stronger glass resilience can be achieved with attachment system options. 

Also popularly referred to as glass fragment retention, anti-shatter film and Mylar, Armorcoat has passed some of the most stringent government and consumer testing, according to the company.

3M Adds Prestige

3M Window Films is introducing its new Prestige line of window films, which the company says offer the benefits of heat rejection films without the use of metal and without being highly reflective.

The Prestige films are tested for heat rejection on an angle to replicate the manner in which sunlight—and thereby ultraviolet light—enters windows on a house or building. According to the company, this angle test proves the film is “unsurpassed throughout the day and especially during the hottest times when [customers] need help the most.” The film is said to reject up to 97 percent of the infrared light and 99 percent of UV rays.

The film utilizes the concept of nano-technology, working with materials that are more than 1000 ties smaller than the width of a hair, creating film hundreds of layers thick that is thinner than a Post-It® note (also made by 3M).

Prestige window film is available to 3M Prestige dealers and range from Prestige 70, with a VLT of 68 percent to Prestige 40 with a VLT of 39 percent.


Performance Tools Helps You ScrapeRight 

Performance Tools Distributing has introduced a brand-new plastic razor blade that the company says will change the way installers clean back and side windows with defroster and radio lines. The ScrapeRight™ blades have two sharp edges that work much like a metal blade without the danger of damaging defroster or radio lines and also will work with any blade holder currently on the market. A package of ScrapeRight blades comes with 50 blades with 2 edges for a total of 100 edges.

The blades are made of hot injection-molded plastic, which material provides high strength and stiffness while offering enhanced dimensional stability with low moisture absorption and will never rust or corrode. They should not be used for cutting.

According to the company, they can remove anything a fingernail would remove including adhesives, bird droppings, crusted dirt, dead bugs, stickers, tape, tree sap, vinyl letters and graphics and wax. 


Air Handling Systems Offers Free 2006 Product Catalog 

Air Handling Systems of Woodbury, Conn., offers its dust and fume collection catalog, which it says contains thousands of industrial grade fittings, spiral pipe, and flexible hose that are quick, adaptable and easy to install. The catalog is free and, according to the company, offers quality customer service and on-time delivery direct from the manufacturer for products that it says are cost effective.


Intelligent InteliCoat™

InteliCoat Comprehensive Solutions is itself a new product for the window film industry.

The cutting and laminating company itself has been around 60 years, but has just started tapping the window film market with its imaging, electronics, graphics, display and other market applications.

InteliCoat’s six ISO certified facilities operate multiple coating lines, clean rooms and research labs, with strict confidentiality, according to the company. It offers product analysis and problem solving, as well as coating lines that can accommodate widths up to 1600 mm and have up to eight in-line coating stations. The company offers uniformity to within 2 percent and coatings range from 20 nm to more than 750 micron. It also offers slitting, rewinding, sheeting, edge trimming and coatings from acrylics to UB curable systems. 


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