Volume 10, Issue 3                              May/June  2006


Take a PEEK at the Harsh Environment
Victrex plc has a new technical brochure detailing the key features of its semi-crystalline product, VICTREX® PEEK™, a high-performance thermoplastic, is said to provide material solutions for designers seeking extruded film that can withstand the harshest environments and provide high purity and excellent dimensional stability over a wide temperature range. 

The brochure lists various modifications that can be achieved using different fillers, including static control, improved wear resistance and improved dimensional stability. 

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Madico Film Goes High Def 

Madico Inc., a Woburn, Mass.-based manufacturer of scientifically engineered window films, opened its “Reaching New Heights” SunScape SelectTM Dealer Conference by introducing a new suite of high definition solar control films. 
Dubbed Madico Advanced Ceramics™, the visually acute product line is said to reduce ultraviolet rays and solar heat gain while preserving the clearest glass imaginable.

Madico says its new film is appropriate for residential, commercial and automotive applications.
The company will produce its Advanced Ceramics products using an innovative two-step process. A US-based partner will sputter the raw material, which Madico will then laminate in its Massachusetts manufacturing center. 
The company expects to begin shipping the premium products to qualified dealers in May. In concert with its distribution partners, Madico will select dealers based on geographic and performance criteria. Pricing has not been determined.

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Dainippon Some Neat New Film
There’s a new light-control film on the market, the SPD-Smart™ film that is offered by Dainippon Ink and Chemicals Inc., which has recently acquired an additional license from Research Frontiers Inc.
SPD light-control film can be used in architectural, automotive and marine windows and according to the press release, can be used on flat or curved glass as well as plastic surfaces. It is said to be the world’s only light-control technology to combine “fast switching speed, optical clarity over a wide range of light transmission and uniform switching over large surface areas.”

According to the company, the film has the capability of going from clear to less than .5 percent light transmission in two to three seconds. 

Dainippon Ink and Chemicals was first licensed by Research Frontiers to make SPD emulsions in 1999; this new license permits DIC to produce and sell SPD-Smart light-control film.

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Sharp Stuff from KDS

KDS, a manufacturer of blades and cutting tools, has announced the introduction of its SB-10SH stainless steel blades into the U.S. window film industry.

Each 13-edge blade is manufactured so that the manufacturing run is marked on the blade for quality assurance tracking. According to the company, the blades are effective for all film applications.

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