Volume 10, Issue 3                              May/June  2006

by Rob Tait

Having a Future in Auto Tinting:
It's All About Attitude

If we look at the financial risk for auto tint shop owners, we find that the inherent woes associated with this segment of the window tinting market are not so much about getting work but keeping it legal to still ensure a viable, long-term business.

By this I mean that it takes just as much effort to advise a potential new customer about illegal dark tinting and recommending its usage as it does to do the same with lighter, legal film usage. 

So why the conundrum? 

Because tinters find it so easy to give the customer the easy way out by offering really dark film as the “be-all and end-all.” There is no selling involved in that edict. It’s acting irresponsibly—and, many times, illegally.

All well and good in a perfect world, but rules and standards are set to protect the motoring public from themselves and their own stupidity. We have to abide with them.

Continuing to violate a statute law could wipe out an entire side of the industry without too much ado. It would then take a huge amount of back pedaling to amend the situation.

Back to the tint shop owner ... if we all made a conscious effort to change every new installation going out the door in limo black to a lighter grey 35 percent all round, for example, if we avoided windshield tinting, we wouldn’t have anywhere near the problem that exists in many parts of the world today with auto tinting.

As I said in my headline ... “It’s all about attitude” and caring for our collective well-being.
There is no point crying to the respective local tinting associations “after the horse has bolted” when you find you are not allowed to provide auto tinting any more due to illegal installations.

I’ve read of many instances where an owner has had really dark film applied not so much by his own volition but on the insistence of the window tinter (who should know better) which is just so wrong and very short-sighted (pardon the pun).

Though it may look “cool and neat,” it totally disregards the potential catastrophic issues if the vehicle were to be ever involved a serious accident.

So I urge you all to lighten up, sell the benefits of window tinting for sure. If you won’t do it for your livelihood, then at least do it to protect yourself. 

The buck might end up stopping right at your very door because your next illegal installation could very well be the one that pulls down an otherwise healthy profession.

Think about what is at stake and change your perception! WF

Rob Tait is the owner of Car Tint Pty. Ltd. in Melbourne, Australia.

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