Volume 10, Issue 6 - November/December 2006

Dear Reader
Resolutions Revisited
by Brigid Oíleary and Penny Stacey

My, how time flies. Can you believe itís been nearly a year since I wrote to you, my Dear Readers, about my New Yearís resolutions for 2006? Well, it has been that long, and as I promised, Iím back for a little self-evaluation to see how well Iíve done.

Have I been eating better? Well, Iím not nearly the junk-food-aholic I used to be. I do still eat sweets but Iíve learned that if I wait long enough after dinner, I donít need dessert. Ice cream lasts a lot longer in my house, and since the hubby doesnít seem to have anything that remotely resembles a sweet tooth, Iím getting better about it. 

Now what about my resolution to be the best editor I could be, both for Window Film magazine and all the writing I did for other Key Communications publications? Honestly? I donít think I served you, my dear readers, to the best of my abilityóand truth be told, as 2006 slipped away, I started to burn out on writing. Not about window film, but just in general, and I feel that because I have visions of the magazine becoming one of the best we publish, it would be better if I let a fresh set of eyes and ideas take the reigns.

So, with that said, Iíd like to be one of the first to welcome back Penny Stacey. Yíall knew her as Penny Beverage when she edited Window Film back in the day (before I took over) and after a little more than 2-year absence, she has returned to lead you, our dear readers, into the future of the window film industry. And me? Iím focusing on some other projects here at Key and am continuing to serve as news editor for the company. Penny?

They say you never forget how to ride a bike. Once you learn, even after years away from this childhood toy youíre supposed to be able to get back on and take off again like you never left it. I hope this is true of editing as wellóas I take over Window Film again, Brigid has been kind enough to help me along, remind me what goes where and answer my many, many questions about how this all works. However, even with Brigidís assistance, Iím going to need some more help with this task. As she mentioned, we want to make this publication an outstanding one.

So this year, Iím asking that you make a resolution with me before 2007 even begins; please tell me your thoughts about the magazine. Please tell me what you would like to see in its pagesódo you need more handy hints? Would you like to hear from other dealers? Would you be interested in writing for the magazine?

Before 2008, we plan to unveil the new Window Film magazine. The look of the magazine is going to change, but, if youíd like it to, Iíd like its content to changeóor at least growóas well. We canít do this without your help, though. Please send me your thoughts, or give me a call to chat. I can be reached via e-mail at pstacey@glass.com or via phone at 540/720-5584, ext. 116.

I look forward to working with you. 

P.S. Please be sure to stop by booth #11756 at SEMA and say hello.

Brigid OíLeary is the outgoing editor of Window Film magazine. Penny Stacey is the incoming editor of Window Film magazine.

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