Volume 10, Issue 5 - September/October 2006

Hauntingly Familiar
by Brigid O’Leary

OK, we all know I’m a TV junkie. I established that last year (March/ April 2005 page 4), when I discussed what, at the time, was an avid interest in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (that started when a couple of window film companies were featured on the show). So, it won’t come as a surprise to most of you when I take that route again and admit that our wonderfully ubiquitous industry has once again snuck into one of my more frequently indulged pastimes.

About a year ago, Window Film magazine webmaster Bryan Hovey got me hooked on a TV show called Ghost Hunters (on the SciFi channel). Over the summer they were showing reruns of seasons one and two and, though I’m not sure when exactly the team moved its headquarters into a new building, when they did, you can see two members of the team applying what appears to be do-it-yourself (DIY) window film letters to the glass of the building’s front windows. 

I almost fell off the couch, but it got me thinking and I asked contributing editor Les Shaver to look into the DIY market. We bring you his findings here.

Additionally, the new headquarters has large front windows and my second thought (after, “Is that window film?”) was “those windows need to be security filmed if they aren’t already.” 

But security issues are real and not just the stuff of science fiction. We’re looking at security issues with an article that introduces readers to the fundamentals of security film, as well as a look at how architectural film has changed over the years and what it can do now.

We also bring you a project profile of Sunshield LTD’s successful—and profitable—security film job in Ethiopia. Sunshield, an Israeli company, has been spared the bombing going on in the country right now. Yochi Solna with Hanita Coatings also in Israel reports that his staff has been able to keep the company running at nearly full production, only cancelling one or two shifts due to intense shelling.

And finally, we welcome back Penny Stacey (nee Beverage), former editor of Window Film magazine, who currently serves the magazine as advertising coordinator but missed the industry so much she wrote an article for this issue—and it’s a big topic: window warranties and what the different sides are saying about the use of window film on insulating glass units.

Oh, and for the record, I no longer watch The Simpsons (it’s jumped the shark) or Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (they cry too much), but Bryan and I think we’ve devised a drinking game to go along with Ghost Hunters. Remember that grammar neurosis of mine? It jars me every time Jason (one of the team leaders) starts a sentence with “me and Grant.” So, we propose: one shot for every “me and Grant;” two shots every time Brian Harnois cusses or calls someone “Dude;” three shots every time Steve flips out over a spider and if a team member runs (in any direction) during an investigation, finish the bottle ... you get the idea. Too bad the show is on Wednesday nights. 

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