Volume 10, Issue 5 - September/October 2006


Art Film by DartsFilm (and Others)
Russian window film manufacturer DartsFilmZ.Tv, in conjunction with Dmitry Popov of Drive Back In Time, has released a new marketing tool: an album titled “Art of Film, Film of Art.”

The two-ring binder measures six inches by 7 inches with a black-and-white motif and is filled with samples of the company’s Generation Z film alternating with Popov’s black and white photos that recreate the feel of past decades.

Wipe On, Wipe Off
Integument Technologies of Tonawanda, N.Y., has introduced FluoroGrip fluoropolymre peel-and-stick clear films that the company says protect against paint, acid, dirt and items that can mar the look of a surface.

The Teflon films can be used on a multitude of surfaces, including steel and glass, and are said to be able to withstand most stresses associated with outdoor exposure, such as temperature fluctuations and ultraviolet rays.

Xiom Corp. Introduces Anti-Graffiti Coatings 

Xiom Corp. of West Babylon, N.Y., manufacturers of portable thermal plastic spray guns and coatings, has developed a coating that prevents graffiti from sticking to surfaces. Paint, crayon and glue all wipe clean with water. The coating can be applied to any surface: stainless steel, concrete, ceramic, tile and wood, according to the company. The coatings are available in a full range of colors.

Xiom’s unique spray gun deposits a mixture of plastics, plastic additives and various chemicals. The specialized anti-graffiti coating is a patented combination of plastics and Teflon. The coating is also resistant to scratching and ultraviolet light, according to the company. As with all Xiom coatings, the anti-graffiti coating is melted into the substrate, drying instantly—no oven is required—with no overspray and no running. The coating can be applied at thicknesses much greater than possible with traditional paint and will last a long time. Coatings manufactured by Xiom contain absolutely no VOC’s so that all surfaces can now be coated without contaminating the environment. 

Xiom Corp. manufactures plastic powder spray equipment and plastic spray materials in its Long Island facility. Xiom expects begin selling its spray system and coatings in October 2006. 

3M Introduces New Confirm Security Label with Floating Image Technology
3M of St. Paul, has announced that its newest, high-security, anti-counterfeiting label was introduced on March 30 at the Authentication Connections Forum in Tampa, Fla. The new 3M Confirm authentication label with floating image technology incorporates a unique eye-visible security feature that provides product authentication and can be verified with or without the use of an exterior tool.

The label’s floating image has an optically variable device that appears to float or sink below the surface of the label or disappear entirely, depending on the viewing angle.

“Electronics, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, apparel, cosmetics—the list of items that are counterfeited is endless,” said Bill Markovitz, marketing development manager, 3M Security Systems. “The new Confirm security label will allow manufacturers and distributors to certify their products as authentic and then let wholesalers, retailers and end-consumers rapidly identify fakes.”

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