Volume 11, Issue 1 - January/February 2007

New Products Abound

Bekaert Upgrades ComputerCut, Promotes New Films
San Diego-based Bekaert Specialty Films has unveiled the latest version of its ComputerCut system, 6.0. According to the company, the newest version of the ComputerCut system is designed to further increase installation accuracy and productivity for residential, commercial and automotive installers. Among the updated systems benefits are:
• Streamlined usability of ComputerCut member software and website upgrades;
• USB port hardware enabled;
• ComputerCut website and member site available in seven languages;
• Increased graphic services and exclusive design databases available only to ComputerCut users;
• Virtual online support; and
• New add-on hardware accessories to increase productivity for automotive and architectural window films.
The system also includes an advanced Architectural Glass Optimization program, which automatically arranges a variety of patterns and shapes to optimize film use efficiency. In addition, the program provides users a printout option to aid onsite installation and enable users to save job quotes for future reference, while producing export capabilities to financial software.
Additionally, Bekaert has two new films, Solar Gard Supreme and Solar Gard Ultra Performance films. According to the company, Solar Gard Supreme is an upgrade to the traditionally dark, sleek and stylish window film and is a complement to factory-tinted windows. It is a choice option for car owners who want the traditional look of tinted windows. The film comes in visible light transmission levels of 8, 15, 28 and 40 percent.
Solar Gard Ultra Performance is designed for consumers who wish to filter out the sun’s rays without changing the appearance of their vehicle’s windows. According to Bekaert, the film maintains a clear glass appearance due to its nano-technology enabled performance. It is designed to block 99 percent of ultraviolet light and is suitable for installation onto factory-tinted glass.

CPFilms Provides Easy Axcess™
Llumar® Axcess is the newest film available from CPFilms Inc. of Martinsville, Va. The film is designed to serve as a high-performance film that won’t block the transmission signals of electronic devices, such as AM radio transmissions, GPS systems, keyless entry devices, remote starters, OnStar® navigational systems and cell phones. The company says in addition to its electronic benefits, the film still offers color stability, no bubbling or peeling, a wide selection of color tints and shade choices, compatibility with factory tints, a durable scratch-resistant surface, reduction of solar heat, minimal sun glare and protection from shattered glass fragments.

Madico Takes It Online
Woburn, Mass.-based Madico Inc. has launched a new program that assists in customers with creating their own websites to market and manage their businesses. The Madico SiteBuilder allows customers to choose their own font sizes, faces, colors, texts, alignments, etc., and add hyperlinks to the site. Likewise, the program includes an e-mail marketing tool that makes the creation of e-mail lists, the ability to create and send HTML messages and track e-mail campaign results a cinch, according to the company.

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