Volume 11, Issue 2 - March/April 2007



Johnson Hits the Web
Carson, Calif.-based Johnson Window Films is focusing on promoting its online store, located at www.johnsonwindowfilms.com.  Johnson customers can go to the site to order film products, installation tools, sales materials and other related products.

During the SEMA Show in November, the company featured a webcam through its website via which its customers could call their families in an extra effort to promote the website. www.johnsonwindowfilms.com 

Hot as Charcoal
Film Technologies International (FTI) of St. Petersburg, Fla., extended its PerformX line of window films with a new color, Charcoal. According to the company, the Charcoal film suits any vehicle, is available in six shades: 5 percent, 15 percent, 20 percent, 30 percent, 35 percent and 50 percent. The film also has exceptional shrink characteristics and has a user-friendly application, according to the company. www.filmtechnologies.com

Commonwealth Carbon Copy
Commonwealth Laminating of Martinsville, Va., introduced its Carbon automotive film, a non-fading color-stable, non-metal film that matches factory tint. In addition, for flat glass, the company offers its Symphony Series of films.

Commonwealth will be able to produce more of these films because of recent investments into its facility.

President Steve Phillips says that the company underwent a major expansion in 2006 and added a machine with a 72-inch capacity that doubled its production.

“SunTek is all about growth,” Phillips says. “Commonwealth is up 30 percent in the world this year [from last year], 40 percent in domestic.” www.suntekfilms.com 

A & B Offers Range of Options
A & B Films Pte. Ltd. in Singapore offers Classis Window Film, available for automotive, residential and commercial applications. Likewise, the company offers a conventional solar film, sputter-coated film and a safety and security film. According to A & B, the solar film is a thin layer of high-clarity polyester tinted film laminated with coating adhesive or metallized layer that saves on electricity consumption, reduces glare and ultraviolet transmission, minimizes fabric damage and enhances personal safety and comfort. 

The company’s sputter-coated film is said to increase performance in solar heat rejection, enhance color superiority and durability, eliminate mirror effects and improve scratch resistance. Finally, A & B says its safety and security film adds strength to glass, provides protection from explosions and flying debris, retains shattered glass to prevent injuries, deters break-ins and is distortion-free and crystal-clear. www.abfilm.com 

Madico is in the Clear
Woburn, Mass.-based Madico Inc. now offers the ClearPlex® Invisible Windshield Protection Film, which is designed to prevent stones and flying debris from damaging car windshields without compromising driver visibility. The product was developed by ClearPlex Corp., with whom Madico has partnered to promote the product.

“This film is truly a breakthrough for Madico and the automotive safety industry,” says Paul Panarisi, marketing manager for Madico.

The company hopes the film will appeal to businesses that rely on maximum on-road time for vehicles, according to North American sales manager Bob Smar.

“Businesses and consumers alike depend on rental cars, delivery trucks and transit fleets to be on the road, not in the shop,” Smar says. “ClearPlex promises to cut down on one of the most common and time-consuming causes of vehicle disablement: cracked windshields.”

The ClearPlex product comes with a one-year or 12,000-mile warranty. www.madico.com 

Marko Tack Offers Inffratec Film
Marko Tack Pte Ltd. of Singapore offers its Inffratec™ High Tech Alloy Black Metal, which it calls “The Ultimate Heat Protection Film.” According to the company, the film offers low visible light reflection, high total solar energy rejection, anti-scratch protection, ultraviolet protection and infrared protection. In addition, Marko Tack says its film offers the benefits of being pigment-free, providing excellent clarity and visibility, heat rejection, multi-ply laminated, shatter resistance, low visible light reflection and low reflectivity that will not impede night driving vision. www.markotack.com 

Poya Tech Goes Solar
Poya-Tech Co. Ltd. from Taiwan offers a wide variety of solar window films for all types of vehicles. The company says its automotive films provide super heat insulation, excellent sunlight blocking and resistance from scratching and shattering. The company’s product line ranges from standard scratch-resistant films to high-performance films and glue-coated films to two-tone/top-tinted films and reflective/metallized films. The company can also offer customization of roll size and light transmission percentages to its customers. www.poya-tech.com.tw 

Protect Gard Promotes Charcoal Series
Miami-based Protect Gard introduced its HP Charcoal Economy Series of films. According to Raj Goyal of Protect Gard, the film has excellent shrinking properties and doesn’t interfere with a vehicle’s electronic systems, such as the radio.

“Charcoal has become a tinter’s dream to work with,” Goyal says. “We’ve been getting an excellent response.” www.protectgard.com 


Solutia Launches Vanceva and InFusion
St. Louis-based Solutia Automotive introduced Vanceva, a product likely to compete with window film as it is applied to vehicles in the factory. Vanceva is a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer that contains color and is laminated between two pieces of glass. According to the company, the OEM product resists intrusion, provides solar protection and increases noise reduction.

“Windows are a signature feature of the Nitro that set it apart and differentiate it from its production brethren,” says Ralph Gilles, vice president, Jeep/Truck, specialty vehicle and color/trim studios for the Chrysler Group, which utilizes the PVB interlayer. “It has a performance truck theme and the HEMI and the stand-out purple glass make it more extreme and exciting.” Vanceva is available in 1,500 colors.

Solutia also introduced its InFusion glass technology. According to Solutia, InFusion is available in six unique colors, is available for the entire vehicle or in sets for the rear doors, quarterlites and backlites. The system bonds metallic and color layers between two sheets of glass, resisting fading, peeling and bubbling. Finally, Solutia says the technology also screens up to 95 percent of ultraviolet rays. www.solutia.com 

Box Set with Performance
Performance Tools Distributing of Dublin, Ohio, provides an array of tools for the film dealer. Now, though, the company not only sells the tools—but the box in which to store them as well. For the first time at the 2006 SEMA Show, the company was offering a toolbox filled with its array of tools.

In addition, the company offers the brand-new Platinum Easy Reach Tool—which it says was its most popular item at the 2006 show. The tool is designed to reach the most difficult spots of a window. The company also offered the new Yellow Quick Foot, also designed to reach the most difficult spots to access. www.44tools.com

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