Volume 11, Issue 6 - November/December 2007

Noteworthy           NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

Installation Tools
Cloth-Like but Non-Woven
The Wiper Connection in Waltham, Mass., is offering a new, non-woven wipe that feels and absorbs like cloth, but is tear-resistant and lint-free.

B.T. White Optical Wipe feels like cloth and will not scratch. Wipes are supplied ready to use as 12- by 20-inch sheets and packaged 750 pieces per carton. For a stiffer wipe, the 805 Blue Fiber Reinforced Optical Wipe is available, which is also lint-free and scratch-resistant, but is stiff to stay folded. www.thewiperconnection.com

Made For Tint
KDS Corp. of Japan has announced the availability of two new 13-edge, stainless steel snap-off blades.

“We are very excited about the groundswell of interest we have experienced since we began targeting the tinting markets a short time ago,” says Kevin Carter, director of Muratec-KDS North America, the company’s distribution facility. “It is obvious to us that tinters, both flat glass and automotive, are in search of a product that offers them unmatched quality and consistency along with a real cost savings … kind of a win-win situation for all.” 

KDS says it is the only Japanese manufacturer to make its own blades in its own factory. The company says this allows it to maintain strict quality and consistency—so much so that individual blades are marked by symbols allowing them to be tracked for quality control. KDS also offers a complete line of lifetime-guaranteed cutters, blades and accessories.

“We are 100 percent committed to the tinting industry and are certain that tinting pros will be delighted with our products once they give them a chance against what they might be using currently. Many have been gratified that we at KDS actually make our own products, rather than sourcing them from other manufacturers,” Carter says. www.kds-tools.com 

Take Impact Resistance Even Further
While security film helps prevent glass breakage and flying shards in the event of impact, it is generally applied to the edges of the visible portion of a window. Untreated glass around the pane’s perimeter can still break, possibly releasing the entire lite of glass. Madico says its FrameGard™ Anchoring System has been designed to prevent filmed glass from erupting from its frame under blast load conditions.

The Woburn, Mass.-based company says its product incorporates a patented “specific movement zone” that absorbs a high degree of the impact. It can be installed in a finished environment without disrupting business and also limits smash-and-grab burglaries. www.madico.com 

Competitive Products
Sun Control Fabric
If you’re not familiar with Phifer Inc.’s SheerWeave® fabrics, you might want to check them out. This vinyl-coated polyester fabric is designed to diffuse light, reduce glare and help control solar heat gain. Sound familiar?

The Tuscaloosa, Ala.-based company recently tripled the color offerings for its SheerWeave Style 4800 interior sun control fabric. Phifer says this product offers an average of one percent openness and the maximum UV blockage without blackout. Product literature promotes reduced fading for textiles and interior furnishings, with increased privacy. www.phifer.com

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