Volume 12, Issue 1 - January/February 2008

IWFA Update
Goals for 2008

It’s January 1, 2008. Today I officially begin my third term as International Window Film Association (IWFA) president. As I have done each of the past three years, I planned to use the year’s first Window Film magazine column to update you on the IWFA’s goals for the year ahead. But as I sat down to write, something occurred to me. It’s 2008! Growing up as a science-fiction fan a few decades back, I thought we’d have colonized parts of the moon by now. To the best of my knowledge, we haven’t. And regretfully, interplanetary expansion is not (yet) part of the IWFA’s plans for the foreseeable future.

While the IWFA may not be opening new markets on neighboring planets, we are pressing forward with a strategy to globalize here on Earth. Certainly the window film industry has a foothold in all industrialized nations; however, the level of sophistication varies from country to country. It is our goal to make certain that the global supply chain receives access to the same levels of training, information and support as our U.S. members. And we will achieve this goal by establishing regional IWFA chapters around the world.

To help us push forward, it is critical that our members spread the word about the IWFA and the services it provides. We strive constantly to reconnect with past members, and to attract new ones, to make certain that our knowledgebase is filled with the freshest, most diverse information and perspectives. An association is only as knowledgeable as its members, so the value we add hinges on our ability to grow membership domestically and abroad.

Another priority for 2008 is continuing last year’s efforts to earn third-party recognition for window film as an energy conservation product. We made major headway in 2007 and the industry is taking giant steps in earning Energy Star®-like certification from the Department of Energy. I hope to provide you with positive updates throughout the year. This brings me to my third goal: better communication. I intend to use this column to give regular updates on the status of IWFA plans and programs … particularly if we figure out a way to set up shop in a nearby galaxy. 

Tom Niziolek is president of the International Window Film Association (IWFA). Mr. Niziolek’s opinions are solely his own and not necessarily those of this magazine.

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