Volume 12, Issue 1 - January/February 2008

Noteworthy           NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

Cut Right Out of the Box
Tired of lugging a big film handler on and off the job? Performance Tools Distributing has introduced an alternative that mounts right inside a manufacturer’s box. Using a cut-off bar and a cutter head that adjusts easily to the desired width, film can be cut straight from the box.

The Dublin, Ohio-based tool provider offers its cut-off bars in four sizes: 36-, 48-, 60- and 72-inches. The cutter head assembly works with all widths and two can be mounted at once for a multi-cut pull. The cut-off bar has both standard and metric measurements to take the guesswork out of making perfect cuts. www.44tools.com

Clear Security
The latest addition to 3M’s Prestige Series offers transparent views with added security. The new Prestige ultra safety and security version is a metal-free film that offers protection from burglars and other unwanted intruders by making it more difficult to smash through, while blocking up to 60 percent of the sun’s heat, eliminating “hot spots” and reducing stress on air conditioning systems. The St. Paul, Minn.-based manufacturer says this film blocks up to 99.9 percent of harmful UV rays, without changing the appearance of a home or building—inside or out. www.solutions.3m.com

See What You Want to See
Not every view is great from every angle, but there is a way to always show your good side. Madico’s Lumisty view control film allows you to dictate what’s seen, at what angle. The Woburn, Mass.-based manufacturer developed this product to change from transparent to translucent, depending on which angle viewers are positioned. In this way, it’s possible to allow passersby a clear view from straight-on, while blocking unsightly views lurking at certain angles.

The same amount of light is transmitted in both forms, but its translucent form scatters light and offers invisibility. Lumisty is available in three styles and a number of viewing range angles. www.madico.com

Unlimited Options
Llumar® by CPFilms Inc. in Martinsville, Va., offers a number of decorative film options to achieve graphic designs, etched or frosted looks and other visual effects. They can be used to enhance privacy, add signage or logos and even custom murals. For safety purposes, they can also be used to make glass surfaces more highly visible.

The company can custom-cut, splice and finish films to customers’ specifications and multiple colors are available that can be overlapped to create signature effects. Common uses include glass partitions, retail displays, walkways, office doors, conference rooms and other private spaces. www.llumar.com 

Hundreds of Options
Decorative Film Depot offers more than 120 decorative window films in many styles, patterns, colors and opacities. The Rockville, Md.-based distributor also offers thicker decorative films for security needs and can create custom prints on any of its films. When homeowners can’t afford real stained glass, the company says its secondary filming can provide the contactor and builder an additional opportunity to up-sell its product at a lower price, allowing homeowners’ their desired artwork.

A catalog can be ordered with actual film samples included, and the company offers e-mail and phone ordering, with discounts on bulk. www.decorativefilmdepot.com 

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