Volume 12, Issue 4 - July/August 2008



Impact Resistance
Varying Levels
of Protection We all know that impactresistant films help hold shards of broken glass together, reducing the chance of injury or property damage. And for some customers, that’s enough. But, others might prefer varying degrees of added protection. 3M now offers three levels of protection.

The St. Paul, Minn.-based company’s Impact Protection Adhesive is applied around the frame and bonds the glass, window film and frame together, improving protection. And those seeking the highest level of protection should consider the Impact Protection Profile, a flexible gasket-style attachment that bonds the filmed window and frame by incorporating 3M’s VHB tape. According to company officials, this high-performance tape utilizes a strong, pressure-sensitive adhesive and lends a clean, finished appearance to the window. www.3M.com

Film Offerings
A Trio of Offerings With the green movement in full swing, more and more consumers are discovering window film as an immediate solution. SunTek offers a number of options and company officials say its products can help reduce energy costs by rejecting up to 79 percent of total solar energy that is allowed to pass through a home’s windows.

SymphonyDS™, SunTek’s premier dual-reflective film, offers high optical clarity and low interior reflectivity. Company officials say this product boasts the highest heat rejection in its class. The Martinsville, Va.-based manufacturer also offers InfinityDS™, a series made exclusively of sputtered metals. According to company information, this product offers a high-tech, micro-thin shield that’s clear, not dark, with subtle hues of neutral and bronze. There’s also a SilverDS™ series that offers high solar performance and all of SunTek’s films come with a manufacturer’s warranty. www.suntekfilms.com

Something for Everyone
If you’re looking for a film lineup that will appeal to architectural customers of every type, check out Global Window Films. The Pembroke Pines, Fla.-based provider offers a range of products capable of providing a variety of looks and performance options.

Global officials say its Estate series window films use advanced metallizing technology to provide outstanding performance characteristics and unsurpassed beauty. These innovative films include: Neutral, Dual Reflective and Solar Bronze versions. According to company information, these films are designed to provide a subtle, tasteful appearance that’s ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Films are available in widths from 36 to 72 inches, which means no splicing on most glass. All Global Estate series films feature a factory backed warranty. www.globalwindowfilms.com

Easy Handling
If you’re a window film dealer that’s venturing into paint protection and you’re looking for a product that’s easy to work with, check out Venture Tape Corp. The Rockland, Mass.-based company has introduced an improved version of its original VentureShield®, aclear, acrylic, automotive surface protection system that is now more durable and easier to install, according to company information. The new VentureShield® ULTRA features an adhesive with 30 percent greater adhesion levels and 25 percent reduced thickness. VentureShield products are available in sizes up to 58 inches, enabling whole hoods and fenders to be wrapped as one seamless unit, according to company officials. www.venturetape.com

Be In the Know
Government projects present window film dealers with tremendous opportunity. But securing these projects requires getting in on the action early, which is easier said than done. If you’re interested in subscribing to a “heads-up” service, check out Onvia. The Seattle-based company delivers email alerts with formal bid notices sourced from 78,000 federal, state, local and educational purchasing offices and informal quotes that would otherwise go unpublicized.

“One recent Onvia alert from a county in California, for example, invited bids to install solar film on 7,500 square feet of windows,” says Patricia Clem, Onvia’s marketing and communications representative.

Sam Elzein, chief technical officer for Pentagon Protection USA, a window film dealer based in Dublin, Ohio, already uses Onvia’s service to track down opportunities. “Onvia offers contact information for a large number of architects and engineers,” he says. “We want to start talking with them at the design and specification phase of projects instead of waiting for project bid requests.” www.onvia.com

Stop Guessing
Are you tired of guessing at how much film you have in inventory, ordering at the last minute, or simply running out? Or, have you tried inventory systems in the past, but found they were less than ideal for window film? Tintventory is a custom- designed inventory system specifically for the window film industry.

This system integrates window film tare weights and calculates them into linear footage, allowing users to check out materials and check in materials with barcode scanning. It can handle all manufacturers’ materials, creates purchase orders and is even capable of e-mailing them to your supplier. Tintventory includes software, a barcode scanning gun with stand, a 150-lb. or 300-lb. scale, a label printer and one box of labels. www.tintventory.com

Resistant Solution
The more solutions a product provides, the easier it is to sell right? Geoshield offers a product that’s suited for customers seeking an energy-saving, green solution, in addition to hurricane-, smash-andgrab and bomb-blast protection. While the Baton Rouge, La.-based manufacturer says Lumenesse is an 8-mil product that was designed for hurricane protection, company officials also say it cuts cooling costs and helps save the environment by reducing the demand for carbon dioxide producing power facilities.

Lumenesse has passed some of the most stringent wind and impact testing, according to officials. www.geoshieldusa.com

Roland and 3M Team Up
If you’re thinking of getting into the paint protection market and are considering the use of a plotter, Roland Advanced Solutions Division and 3M have teamed up to offer packages including products from both companies. Packages combine Roland GX Pro Cutters, 3M’s Digital Designs software and 3M’s Scotchgard™ Paint Protection film.

The GX Pro digital cutter can also be used on window film products.All are available though 3M’s web portal. www.3m.com/dealermarketing WF

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