Volume 12, Issue 2 - March/April 2008

Noteworthy           NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

Clearly Attractive
SunTek’s SymphonyDS™ is a dual-reflective film that offers high optical clarity and low interior reflectivity. This film is made exclusively of sputtered metals and company officials say it boasts the highest heat rejection in its class.

SymphonyDS is micro-thin and clear, not dark, with subtle hues of neutral and bronze. It offers a warm, neutral color designed to enhance any home’s appearance.

The Martinsville, Va.-based manufacturer also offers a SilverDS™ series. According to the company, this series offers excellent solar performance and all of its films come with an exclusive manufacturer’s warranty. www.suntekfilms.com

New 3M Automotive Films
The 3M Company has incorporated multi-layer technology previously used to improve the brightness in flat-panel LCD televisions into a new automotive window film product. Crystalline films are produced using hundreds of precise optical film layers resulting in a product that is less than the thickness of a Post-It® Note.

These new films are available in four styles—two clear and two tinted. They also are metal-free, eliminating the chance of corrosion and interference with mobile phones, GPS and radio receptions. Crystalline 40 and 50 version films offer lower reflectivity than glass, while the 60 and 70 films have a reflectivity that is at most one percent greater than glass. Heat rejection properties become increasingly effective as the angle between the sun and the car window becomes greater. Crystalline Films have an ultraviolet blockage performance of 99.9 percent and a total sun protection factor (SPF) that exceeds 1000. www.3m.com/applicators

New Software from Roland
Roland Advanced Solutions Division (ASD) has introduced Film Designs Pro—a design software package that’s compatible with all brands of window film. Film Designs Pro comes loaded with design features and makes it possible to add designs, logos and text to window film patterns. With several unique editing tools, this software can even create signs, banners and decals. It imports both AI and EPS files and can save changes directly to a local computer. Film Designs Pro does not restrict customers to using certain film brands or types or limited design capabilities. The software provides unlimited use of more than 2,000 window film pattern kits that cover more than 1,000 vehicles. An optional upgrade package offers access to an equally vast database of urethane paint protection kits. The patterns can be re-used over and over without a per-cut fee. www.rolandasd.com 

Updated PAC 50 Winders
Davis-Standard LLC in Somerville, N.J., has upgraded its PAC 50 series surface winders. The new winders feature a compact hydraulic system, which uses high-speed digital electronics for lay-on pressure control, reducing blocking at the core. The new design also features a device that brings the new core up to speed prior to transfer, to allow for smoother starts on thin, high-speed webs. The company added an integrated shaft hoist system that allows operators to return the shaft to the transfer position easily without lifting.

The PAC 50 is designed for converting film and any large diameter roll and features touch-screen controls mounted on a pendant, AC digital drives and a center assist drive. They are capable of winding diameters up to 60 inches, depending on the width of the shafts. Shafts are available in 3- and 6-inch sizes. www.davis-standard.com

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