Volume 12, Issue 3 - May/June 2008

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Window film is a popular item among consumers and, as such, stories about it pop up almost every day in newspapers across the world. The Window Film staff has compiled a few on this page that we found interesting. To submit articles that you see in consumer publications or your own hometown press, please e-mail a link to the story to dvass@glass.com or mail a copy of the article to Attn: Window Film magazine, P.O. Box 569, Garrisonville, VA 22463.

What Goes Around Comes Around
Panama City, Fla.—Florida Highway Patrol Troop A received several new window tint meters last October. Troop A told Newsherald.com, the website for the Panama City News Herald, that before the meters arrived, tint tickets were rare. The 30 troopers based in Panama City had written only five tint citations in the first nine months of 2007, but they have accumulated 448 since.

Law enforcement isn’t the only business these meters have improved. The website also says auto tint businesses are reaping the benefits.

“It’s definitely increased the business in terms of the stripping and re-tinting on the two front windows,” says Greg Russell, owner of AutoSports Window Tinting in Panama City.

“I’ve never seen them come down this hard on it,” says Cliff Butler, owner of Custom Glass Tinting in Callaway, Fla. “In a way, it’s been a good thing. They’re going to put something back on, even if it’s lighter than they would have hoped.”

Survey Says …
Frederick, Md.—When police announced they would be cracking down on windows tinted illegally in Frederick, a local news source decided to take a poll and find out if citizens felt the effort was worth their tax dollars. Out of 209 votes, 45 percent believe it is a good use of police resources, while 53 percent believe it is not and one percent were not sure. The Frederick News-Post says its poll is not scientific and reflects only the opinions of Internet users who chose to participate. It also reports that local tinting and detail business owners were glad to see it and were eager to remind people that there are legal tinting solutions.

Tint Draws Officers’ Guns
La Joya, Texas—La Joya police entered into a tense situation recently after assisting Border Patrol officers in what was believed to be a routine traffic stop.

Newschannel Five has shown many dash-cam videos of traffic stops in the past, but seeing officers in action, with weapons drawn, is rare,” commented an anchor for the Weslaco, Texas-based news station.

So why were local police easing up on a white minivan recently with weapons drawn? Overly dark window tint, they say. When the vehicle failed to stop for Border Patrol, police were called in for assistance. The vans windows were tinted so darkly that police say they had no idea what to expect. Video footage shows two officers slowly easing up to the vehicle. While one requests for the passenger side window to be lowered, another pulls open the driver side door with his gun pointed. As it turns out, the van housed a smuggler and several illegal immigrants. They were turned over to Border Patrol. 

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