Volume 12, Issue 3 - May/June 2008

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Live in the Moment

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to stay plugged-in to every moment. With a constant barrage of cell phone calls, to-do lists that look more like the Dead Sea Scrolls and few precious moments of relaxation, it’s a wonder we’re not all in a constant state of meltdown. Yet, we’ve only got one life to live, and isn’t every single moment worthy of our utmost attention?

It helps to love what you do. When you eat, sleep and drink your purpose, everything relates. Take film, for instance. In order to be the very best at whatever your role is in the industry, it helps to stay in a film state-of-mind. And the fact is—it pays to, so says Scott McCutcheon in Panama City, Fla. McCutcheon owns Emerald Coast Glass Protection and he is always thinking in terms of film. On page 16, McCutcheon provides a listening lesson—that is, how he stays plugged-in to the moment—constantly listening for new opportunities.

We at Window Film also are charged with the responsibility of staying plugged-in. One of our primary goals is to keep you well informed of matters that impact the industry. Contributing writer Les Shaver recently plugged into the new car market to cover the latest developments. What he found was a lot of new vehicles with more glass in them than ever before. The concept of a sunroof has expanded to become a complete glass roof structure in some cases. So the more glass, the merrier for film dealers, right? Maybe and maybe not. Much of that new glass is laminated and comes tinted with solar and ultra violet protection, at least to some degree. Just as was found with the SUV market and its tinted cargo sections, it’s difficult to say exactly how this trend will impact the film industry. You’ll want to read Shaver’s full report on page 20 to make your own determination.

Our columnists also help keep the publication plugged into the industry. On page 8, Tom Niziolek shares the International Window Film Association’s view of the industry’s strong points and how it will continue to thrive and progress. Manny Hondroulis kicked off his new column this year, keeping us all plugged-in by sharing his expertise in web development and marketing. Distributors will want to pay particular attention to his latest column on page 9, as it outlines simple methods for setting up an online checkout option for your customers.

Last, but never least, if you’re planning to join us in Las Vegas for the International Window Film Conference, Expo and Tint-Off™, you better start packing. The time has come! The event will take place May 1-3 and on page 24 we’ve provided you with all the necessary info to create a game plan. Use it and get all you can out of the experience by staying plugged-in to every opportunity. I look forward to meeting you there! 

Drew Vass

Drew Vass is the editor of Window Film magazine.

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