Volume 12, Issue 3 - May/June 2008

Dear Window Film             READER FEEDBACK


Where’s the Rest of the Story?
Dear Window Film:
I read your interview with Don Wheeler and found it to be only partially accurate (see the March-April issue of Window Film, page 16). Film Technologies International’s (FTI) problems have been going on for years, and I mostly attribute this to poor management. Although Mr. Wheeler was hired by FTI as chief executive officer (CEO) to solve problems, he apparently was not competent at his job. It seems that Mr. Wheeler is neither going to admit responsibility nor fault. It is easy to shift the blame to Asian manufacturers and financial institutions and then walk away. Unfortunately, many FTI dealers and customers will suffer the consequences of Mr. Wheeler’s actions—or lack thereof.  Who will now step up to cover the losses of four distributors, close to 1,000 dealers and more than a million consumers that have been—and will continue to be—hurt due to product breakdown, glass breakage and seal failure with no warranty?   Since the day we were told that FTI was shutting down, I feel there have been many other misdeeds by FTI. We are all doing our best to help our customers and many irate FTI consumers deal with the warranty debacle.

I believe your magazine should be printing the truth and supporting the people still in the business. I realize that your stories are based upon the information that you receive, but you have only received one side of the story.

If you want to hear the customer’s side of the story, I’ll be happy to speak with you. You might even contact the other injured FTI customers to hear their perspective. Don’t you think that hearing and publishing the rest of the story would be a benefit to your readers?

Ray Levy
Sunbelt Distributing
Houston, Texas

Editor’s Response
Dear Mr. Levy,
The closing of Film Technologies International (FTI) has proven to be a high interest, yet sensitive, news item. The company’s distributors and dealers weren’t the only inundated with phone calls in the following days and weeks; we at Window Film received numerous inquiries and comments. The resulting patchwork of incoming information contained countless inaccuracies, as well as numerous contradictions, but it did help us ferret out true and accurate information that was needed and desired by our readers. The only way to properly secure that information and report the company’s final days and tribulations was by directly contacting its chief executive officer for comment. In the end, we hope that our questions answered those posed by so many of our readers.

We understand that any sudden closure will have its associated difficulties, and our hearts go out to all involved. Thank you for contacting us with your concerns. Should the information be revisited for a follow up story, we will do our best to put your thoughts and feelings to good use.

The editor

Question or Commentary?
Dear Window Film,
Regarding your recent interview with CPFilms’ president Kent Davies, (see the November-December issue of Window Film, page 26) let me first state that I have been a customer of this company for approaching 30 years. The question that was posed regarding that you “heard some complaints from dealers about CPFilms not standing behind its warranties and leaving dealers hanging” seems to me more of a cheap-shot commentary from you rather than a legitimate question. In my experience with this company, we have operated nearly problem-free in terms of product quality and have never had any warranty that was not covered. So, I second Kent’s answer that exactly the opposite is the case in my experience as well. Kent intends good things for his company and our entire industry. We all will benefit from his efforts.

Harvey DeVane
Custom Sun Control
Marietta, Ga.

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