Volume 12, Issue 3 - May/June 2008

Noteworthy           NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

New Solutions
All-in-One 8-Mil Wonder
Bekaert recently introduced an optically clear 8-mil film that is designed to combine safety and security features with solar performance and ultraviolet (UV) protection in one product. Panorama® 8 mil Hilite 70 holds shattered glass in place, preventing break-ins or injury. It also blocks 55 percent of total solar energy and 99 percent of UV rays, yet doesn’t affect the appearance of a building inside or out, according to information from the company.

“This new product offers four distinct benefits, giving dealers one complete solution for safety, solar performance, aesthetic and UV protection concerns,” says Christophe Fremont, president of Bekaert Specialty Films LLC.The San Diego-based provider says its new product meets the highest testing standards for safety and security film, including combustion rate, tensile strength, peel strength and puncture tests. www.bekaertfilms.com

Cleaning Solutions
If you’re in the market for a new cleaner, check out Master Chemical Corp.’s new TRIM® TASK2™ all-purpose cleaner and TASK2 glass cleaner. The Perrysburg, Ohio-based company is known for its Grime Fighter industrial-strength heavy-duty cleaner, but its new all-purpose cleaner is a milder, water-based cleaning agent.

“We developed these two products in response to requests from the aerospace industry,” says product manager Dave Barned. “They were created to meet a need for mild cleaners that both pass the Hydrogen Embrittlement test and clean effectively without damaging surfaces.”

Used for general cleaning, this new cleaner will not harm surfaces, including seals, various alloys and nonmetallic materials. Its unique formula allows for fast wetting and spreading to clean oily, greasy soils quickly. TASK2 glass cleaner cleans any transparent surface without leaving a residue and both products are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and contain no ammonia, caustic, silicates, phosphates, nitrites, phenols or borates. www.masterchemical.com 

Competing Products
Body Armor for the Home
Honeywell’s Spectra® fiber, commonly used in bullet-resistant body armor, now is being used in curtains that can protect doors and windows during hurricanes. John Boyle and Co., a manufacturer and distributor of industrial awning and marine fabrics headquartered in Statesville, N.C., offers Storm-A-Rest™ roll-down curtains to resist high winds and resulting debris. They weigh in at just 2.5 ounces per square foot and can be installed using standard fasteners without special tools. They can be fastened to wood, brick or concrete surfaces, are available in more than 350 Sunbrella®-brand accent patterns and come with a five-year warranty. www.trivantage.com

For Special Occasions
A Temporary Solution
If you have a customer who is seeking a temporary decorative solution for a special event or occasion, CPFilms offers a do-it-yourself product that might be your best bet.

GILA® Window Film can block unwanted views and provide privacy when applied to glass windows, cabinets or doors. These films offer temporary static cling and adhesive applications that allow for quick and clean removal that customers could perform later on their own. www.gilafilms.com 

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