Volume 12, Issue 6 - November/December 2008

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Manny Hondroulis

Your Business is a Living Entity
Bring Its Website to Life

I often work with window film dealers who spend time and resources developing their website’s content, creating its design and hiring a programmer to bring it all to life. In the end, they are so proud of their creation, and rightfully so, that they sometimes forget to make improvements to it on an ongoing basis. It is easy to stand back, admire your work, and leave it alone for the world to see. But business is a fluid environment and one that continually changes, so your company’s website must be indicative of this dynamic environment.

An out-of-date website, whether in content or style, suggests that your company is unprofessional, no longer relevant to the industry it serves or, even worse, closed for business. Examples of essential changes include: new products, state amendments to auto tint laws, or a change in manufacturer allegiances. All of these changes, or any other industry or organizational change that affects your business, should be reflected in your company’s online presence.

The easiest and most effective way to communicate change to your online visitor is to have a “News and Events” section on your company’s home page that brings attention to anything newsworthy. For example, if your manufacturer increases the warranty coverage for commercial flat glass installations from ten to fifteen years, broadcast that change in this section so that the end-user is aware of it immediately.

Other changes to consider:
1. Be sure to update your photo gallery on a regular basis. When you complete an automotive or flat glass installation, take a picture of it. With your customers’ permission, post these images to your website, so prospective customers can see the quality of your work.

2. When your manufacturer introduces a new product, make mention of it on your products page. Place it at the top so it gets noticed and consider bringing attention to it through a bolded font or starburst.

3. If you opened a new location,call it out on your home page and on your contact page. Consider posting a picture of the interior and exterior to assure the visitor that you are a professional operation and that their windows are in good hands.

4. Many window film dealers belong to industry-related organizations. If you’re a member, post the organization’s logo (assuming that you have permission to do so) on your contact page. Prospective customers are continually seeking third party validation to your products and services.

5. If your company offers promotions, change them every month and announce it on your website. For example, “Ten percent off on Cadillacs this month!” can be followed by ten percent off Lincolns next month.

The more your website changes to reflect a dynamic business environment, the more likely your visitors will consider your business relevant to serving their needs. The more current your content, the more effective the message, and the more likely the web surfer will contact you for more information.

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