Volume 12, Issue 5 - September/October 2008

4th Anual New Products Guide

Years ago, the most advanced communications devices you might find in the average automobile included FM, two-way and CB radios. Peer through the allglass roof of many of today’s automobiles and you’ll likely find cell phones, GPS units, digital FM radios, satellite radios, a television for every seat, iPods, cellular wi-fi cards and a Bluetooth wireless network tying many of these items together.

It’s a fact—Americans love the latest and greatest. And film is no different. If you want to attract and service this consumer mindset, you’ve got to know and offer the most advanced products designed to match the latest styles and technologies. And if you want to keep a leg up on the competition, you’ve got to have the latest tools for the job. Here’s a look at the latest:

Architectural Films
While architectural films have been in existence for years and years, there’s no debating that the current energy crisis and green movement have renewed interest and spawned new developments. Heightened awareness in solar control films has led consumers to discover that window films offer more than just energy-related features.

When you go into a sales meeting with today’s homeowners, property managers or architects, you better go in with the latest and greatest technology. Here are a few to consider adding to your company’s line-up:

Four New Offerings
HanitaTEK came on strong in 2008 with several new offerings. The Brookfield, Wis.-based provider’s new Argent 50 and 65 films are spectrally- selective and offer natural light plus energy savings by blocking solar heat gain. According to company information, these films offer excellent heat rejection and low heat absorption suitable for double-glazing and tinted glass.

Hanita’s exterior anti-graffiti film offers six mils of defense and a durable exterior coating to protect glass from paint, pen marks and acid etching. A quick-release adhesive speeds film removal in the need of replacement. The company’s PolyZone films offer a new solution for plastic glazing, by utilizing a unique adhesive specifically for polycarbonate and acrylic. And last, but not least, White Out is Hanita’s newest privacy option. This two-mil white opaque film is designed to allow for privacy without darkness and is available in 60- and 72-inch widths. ❙❙➤ www.hanitatek.com

For the Toughest Eye
Solamatrix Inc. now offers a spectrally-selective film for your most discriminating customers. The St. Petersburg, Fla.-based manufacturer recently began distributing IQue™ architectural films, engineered by its sister company V-Kool®. According to company officials, these high-endfilms offer excellent heat rejection while maintaining high visible light transmission. This makes them an ideal solution for architects, building project managers and homeowners who want the benefits of solar control film while maintaining the beauty of natural light. ❙❙➤ www.solamatrix.com

Capture a New Niche
Sensitive electrical circuits and components are very susceptible to radio frequency interference (RFI) disturbances. For this reason, broadcast, audio and video production facilities go to great lengths in order to isolate their work environments. And now there’s a film solution you can use to capture this niche market.

A & B Films Pte Ltd recently added an Electro-Magnetic Interference film to its ICE Solar Films line. This clear film reflects IR, RF and UV transmissions. And while production houses may opt to add the film to interior applications, by adding it to outside surfaces they also receive the benefits of IR heat and UV rejection. This product is only available through select, authorized ICE Solar Films distributors. ❙❙➤ www.abfilm.com

Software and Hardware
Window film customers aren’t the only ones in need of the latestgreatest. In order to be competitive, dealers and installers have to maintain the latest tools and advantages. And while sales tools and squeegees continue to be a tinter’s best friend, today’s shops have to keep up with the latest software and hardware in order to stay competitive.

Here are a few you should know about:

Be in the Know
If you find yourself constantly guessing, or coming up short on film, it might be time to invest in a window film-specific inventory solution. Tintventory allows usersto check out materials and check in materials with barcode scanning— constantly keeping track of inventory and eliminating guess work. It’s compatible with all manufacturers’ materials and is even capable of creating purchase orders and e-mailing them directly to your supplier. The system not only includes software, but also a barcode scanner, a 150-lb. or 300- lb. scale, a label printer and one box of labels. ❙❙➤ www.tintventory.com

Time for a Tune-Up?
So, you’re using a PC equipped with design, plotter, business and inventory management software to help speed up your processes and increase profits. But lately, your system seems sluggish and you’re watching that increased productivity disappear behind a windows hourglass? It might be time for a tune-up.

Over time, your PC can
become bogged down with unnecessary files that slow down the operating system. PC Tune-Up™, by Large Software® in San Diego, Calif., safely removes these files by walking you through four easy steps to clean your PC, optimize your settings and keep it running smoothly. An exclusive Magic Button will do all the work for you with a single click and the scan provides a list of errors with brief  descriptions and recommended fixes. ❙❙➤ www.largesoftware.com

Big Prospects
Bekaert Specialty Films recently introduced two programs to h e l p its dealers land big projects. Panorama® Specularis™ Energy Analysis and Film Selection Tool enables installers to calculate the environmental and cost-saving benefits of installing window film on small commercial and residential buildings accurately. Company officials say it is the only tool on the market that identifies the ideal window film for the property and accurately calculates the return on investment.

The San Diego-based film manufacturer also recently introduced the latest version of its ComputerCut system: 6.5. Bekaert officials say the system increases efficiency for installers and reduces film waste. It also enables dealers and installers to expand their businesses by getting into automotive graphic design and even custom flat-glass requirements. ❙❙➤ www.bekaertfilms.com

While the same-old will certainly get the job done, industry tools have come a long way in recent years. It might pay to try these:

Are Your Solutions
Behind the Times?
For literally decades, installers have mixed baby shampoo or dish soap with water to clean glass and mount film. But film and adhesive technologies have changed and, while the old methods may work, it might be time for your solutions to catch up.

Now, you can put away those homemade mixtures and use one professional mix for the entire process. Global Window Films’ GPS: Global Positioning Solution, is an allpurpose, three-in-one concentrate for cleaning, installing and bonding.

Officials for the Pembroke Pines, Fla.-based film provider say GPS is safe, effective, and specially formulated to enhance the curing process for better bonding. It can be used in all kinds of weather, for all kinds of films, including automotive, flat glass and security films. ❙❙➤ www.globalwindowfilms.com

Scan Those
Large Drawings
If you’re using a scanner, plotter and cutting system to install window film designs then chances are you’ve got customers showing up with d r a w i n g s that are too large for your current scanner to capture. If the old 8 ½- by 11-inch scanner just isn’t cutting it anymore, check out one of the latest offerings from Plustek.

The Cerritos, Calif.-based company’s OpticPro A360 is a large-format scanner capable of capturing up to a 12- by 17-inch image size— in as little as 2.4 seconds. Thie unit is Microsoft Vista compatible, offers high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity and will also come in handy in the office by coming with image processing and document management software. ❙❙➤ www.plustek.com

IWFA Member Benefits
No, the International Window Film Association (IWFA) is not a “tool” provider, but the association does have new products that are great business tools to offer its members. IWFA offers an insurance program through BB&T Insurance Services in which its members receive: a dedicated team of insurance specialists, competitive pricing on all kinds of coverage, coverage for members in all 50 states and certificates of insurance within 24 hours.

The association also has introduced a Utility Window Film Awareness Program that you may want to use to educate your customers. This program was formed tocommunicate with utilities throughout the US to offer rebates to customers who add window film to conserve energy. ❙❙➤ www.iwfa.com

For Manufacturers
While most manufacturers stay a beat ahead with new tools, technologies and offerings, here’s a few the experts might not have discovered yet:

New Adhesives
Specialty materials company Rohm and Haas in Philadelphia, Pa., has extended its line of environmentally- advanced Robond adhesives with the addition of a new Robond PS-1000 series of aqueous acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives for protective applications. Formulated to be direct-coated on polyolefin films used to protect a variety of products, including automotive exteriors, company officials say this new series offers a range of adhesive levels and properties to meet the varying needs of the protective films market.

All of the water-based acrylic adhesives in the new Robond PS- 1000 line offer easy removal of the film over time. These applications include coated and uncoated metal and smooth surfaces with low to medium adhesion requirements and extruded profile, glass, plastic sheets and  painted surfaces (medium adhesion).❙❙➤ www.rohmhaas.com

Calculate the
Impact of Wireless
Temperature Monitoring If you’ve been considering a wireless monitoring system for factory temperature conditions, but have been unable to determine the impact it will have on your manufacturing expenses, check out the Wireless Savings Calculator offered by Dickson Company.

“Industrial companies need to monitor temperature conditions affecting product quality and energy costs, but nobody wants to spend a lot of time doing so,” says Chris Sorensen, vice president of sales and marketing for the Addison, Ill.- based manufacturer of the Wireless Wizard Temperature Data Logger. “The benefit of wireless data logging is that you no longer need to spend time retrieving data.”

Sorenson says just how quickly your company will recoup on its investments varies and that’s where the calculator comes in. “[It] enables you to get a firm idea of just what your real dollar savings over time will be,” he explains. ❙❙➤ www.dicksondata.com

New High-End Offerings
SunTek added a high-end residential and commercial solution to its architectural lineup of films in 2008. Ultra-Vision™, like all spectrallyselective films, offers the end-user a relatively high visible light transmission (VLT) and a relatively high total solar energy rejection (TSER). In combination with these specifications, Ultra-Vision™ also offers relatively low visual reflectance (VR). SunTek® will offer ULV 70 and ULV 50 lines.

“Ultra-Vision, while similar in performance to other spectrally selective films on the market, offers several unique advantages to the trade,” says Jennifer Phillips Shorr, vice president of sales and marketing, domestic. “The product is of an all-metal, 1.5-mil construction, with a dry (SunTek’s Designer Series) adhesive. Like other SunTek® products, the construction of Ultra-Vision™ allows for an easy, nohassle installation.”

According to information provided by the Martinsville, Va.-based manufacturer, edge sealing is not required for these films, because they incorporate non-corrosive raw materials. Ultra-Vision™ films are available to all dealers at competitive factorydirect pricing. ❙❙➤ www.suntekfilms.com

Automotive Films
The automotive industry never stops advancing. And neither do automotive window films. This year, a number of new offerings came up from several providers and manufacturers.

Here’s a few you should know about: Back with Another IR Breakthrough In 2007, FilmTack introduced its PERFECT 70 automotive film line—engineered to provide the highest level in infrared (IR) heat reduction and visible light transmission. This year, FilmTack is back with a new TK series—engineered to combine the insulating properties of metals and IR chemicals to reach the optimum level between performance and production cost.

Officials for the Singapore-based company say experience gained from the development of PERFECT 70 allowed the company to apply niche technological advances to its TK series. As a result, the spectrophotometric reading of these new films, in the range of 1000nm to 1800nm (infrared heat reduction), is similar to popular ATO IR films, according to company information. TK series films come in 5-, 20- and 35-percent Visible Light Transmissibility (VLT) ratings. ❙❙➤ www.filmtack.com

Need for Speed
If you’ve got customers who are into speed and performance, Ultrafilm’s products may be a good match. The company touts the slogan: “Fast films for fast cars,” and takes this seriously. Officials for the Sarasota, Fla.-based film provider say its IR films are road-and-track tested and performance- proven for racecars, modified exotics and tuner cars, transcontinental outlaws, pro rally and even show cars.

With a tint range (VLT) of 35- to 90-percent, ultraviolet (UV) blockage of 99 percent and heat rejection of up to 70 percent, company officials say Ultrafilm’s products deliver protection, performance, fit, finish and durability under the most adverse conditions. Ultrafilm’s products are available in Cool Blue and Charcoal and in 24-, 36-, 40- and 60-inch rolls. ❙❙➤ www.ultrafilm-usa.com

They Can Hear You Now
Geoshield came to bat with a brand new automotive offering this year. DarkMatter is a black ceramic film that officials for the Baton Rouge, La.-based manufacturer say offers uncompromising looks through high optical clarity and low reflectivity.

This new film offers high heat and ultraviolet (UV) rejection, without interfering with GPS, satellite radio or cell phone signals. DarkMatter is colorstable, will not fade or corrode and features nano ceramic, metal-free technology. Geoshield provides a limited- lifetime automotive warranty for these films. ❙❙➤ www.geoshieldusa.com

Turnkey Paint
Protection Setup
Venture Tape Corp. has made it possible to wrap an entire hood with one piece of paint protection film by offering a 58- inch product. And now the Rockland, Mass.- based manufacturer has teamed up to offer a turnkey solution that will have you doing one piece wraps right away.

The company’s
Ve n t u r e S h i e l d
products are now offered with cutters from Graphtec Corp. to make it easy and affordable for dealers seeking to enter this arena. Each new package includes VentureShield paint protection film, a Graphtec FC8000 cutter and the Invisible Patterns software package. ❙❙➤ www.venturetape.com

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