Volume 13, Issue 2 - March/April 2009


Help Protect Those Who Protect You

Now you can offer law enforcement the same protection enjoyed by U.S. military vehicles worldwide. VehicleGARD’s virtually impenetrable glass protection film defends sector and undercover vehicles against terrorism, riot situations and random violence by shielding ordinary glass windows with an invisible coat of armor. And, in the unlikely event that the glass breaks, VehicleGARD holds shards together protecting occupants from injury as well as denying entry.

ShatterGARD officials say the company cuts its security window film to the exact size of any law enforcement vehicle’s windows using an exclusive database. All you have to do is install it. If you’re unfamiliar with the product, don’t worry—customized films are supplied in kit form, which includes an instructional video and application tools ensuring a proper fit. VehicleGARD films are optically clear and guaranteed not to yellow or distort over time.

Know Thy Competition

If you currently offer, or are thinking of offering, decorative film products, you might want to study up on the competition. It’s the only way you can go in ready to provide the ins and outs for your customers. Tri Vantage, a Cleveland, Ohio-based company, aims to bring digital printing companies into your turf by offering new, printable graphic-media fabrics designed to be used for advertising, store-front or solar control options. The company promotes this option as a non-adhesive product that’s ideal for communicating messages on or near glass in storefronts, vehicles, room dividers and more.


New Offerings
If you’re like most film installers—a perfectionist—Performance Tools Distributing has the tools to help you in your eternal quest. The Dublin, Ohio-based distributor offers the Stroke Doctor, a long-reach, back window tool with “Flex Pressure” engineering. This new design is engineered to make difficult-to-reach installations easier to master. A long handle with a cushioned grip and a wide squeegee blade allow the installer to apply more pressure, removing more solution per stroke than the average squeegee.

What do you get when you cross a Bondo with a Diamond Tip? According to Performance Tools, you get the brand new Yellow Quick Fix. The two ribs across the middle of this tool make the card easier to grip, enabling installers to force out more water. An angled design makes this tool particularly well suited for tight fitting corners.

A Two-Tone Look

If you’re looking for something new to offer your customers, check out Applied Coatings International’s new X2 paint film. This product is designed to compliment paint protection film installations by offering full hood paint protection while creating two-tone paint schemes.

X2 paint film has a pressure sensitive adhesive, allowing installers to use the same application techniques and tools as they do for paint protection films. X2 is available in widths of up to 60 inches and it can be buffed and waxed for maximum gloss.

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