Volume 13, Issue 3 - May/June 2009

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Compiled from News Reports Around the World

Window film is a popular item among consumers and, as such, stories about it pop up almost every day in newspapers around the world. The Window Film staff has compiled a few on this page that we found interesting. To submit articles that you see in consumer publications or your own hometown press, please e-mail a link to the story to dvass@glass.com or mail a copy of the article to Attn: Window Film magazine, P.O. Box 569, Garrisonville, VA 22463.

Top Honors
St. Paul, Minn.
—While window film professionals around the globe were busy mounting their products directly to glass, Andy Ylitalo, an eighth-grader at Oak-Land Junior High, decided to experiment with mounting film away from the window surface. When Ylitalo noticed the air gap between the film and glass featured a significantly increased temperature, he hypothesized that one could save energy with a seasonally adjustable system.

The 13-year-old spent 10 months experimenting with the concept, which netted him $2,400 and a gold medal for his age group at the Minnesota Science and Engineering Fair. Ylitalo’s 23-page research paper was selected as best in his division.

Luxury or Necessity?
New York, N.Y.
—Since the recent meltdown and influx of Federal dollars into the financial industries, companies like New York-based Citigroup have been under the microscope. It seems every dollar spent by Citigroup comes under scrutiny lately and window film showed up in one of its recent plans.

A $10 million plan to renovate Citigroup’s executive suites, filed with the city of New York, specifies the installation of at least one Sub-Zero Inc. refrigerator and icemaker, premium grade millwork and, last but not least, Madico’s Safety Shield 800 blast-proof window film.

At press time, Citigroup was scheduled to continue with the $3 million plan. The bank says this renovation will save it $20 million in the long run.

Say What?
United Kingdom
—Just when you think you’ve heard of every possible use for window film, someone comes along and uses it to retrofit cranes for underwater operation. An article was published recently by International Cranes and Specialized Transport magazine, explaining that U.S. president Barack Obama and UK prime minister Gordon Brown recently unveiled plans for a fixed link between the two nations, including an approximately 3,500 mile long Trans-Atlantic road and rail bridge. The article reported that, in response to this news, several crane manufacturers had begun to develop retrofit designs to enable underwater operation. One manufacturer’s plan called for using high-modulus silicone sealer and a self-adhesive polyester window film to strengthen windows in order to withstand water pressure. Sound too good to be true? Well it is. The article was an April Fools joke.

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