Volume 13, Issue 3 - May/June 2009


For Your Elite Designers

In order to capture the attention of cutting edge designers, you’ve got to offer the most advanced and new decorative products. Vitrofol, a Bromsgrove, U.K.-based film manufacturer, now offers VF Chameleon™, a dichroic film that lends a stunning effect to a building’s windows or glass facades. 

Signal Defense

In the past, window film dealers had only a few options to offer in the signal defense category. But things have changed. HAVERKAMP, a German film manufacturer, has added its name to the list of signal defense providers with PROFILON® SD.This film is designed to prevent electronic eavesdropping, as well as attacks involving harmful radiation. The company has added its patented Signal Defenses® technology to its series of security films, producing a product that lets what you want in, while keeping what you don’t want out. 

Expand Your Capabilities

Before you turn a project away because you can’t fit it into your schedule, consider calling in the help you need to get the job done. While you’re at it, ensure that your customers will rave about the results.

“U.S. Film Crew performed high quality and timely PS and CDF installations, some with structural wet-glaze attachments,” says a representative for ASTIC Signals Defenses. U.S. Film Crew is a Pittsburgh-based, third-party provider of installation services to the window film industry. “Glenn [Yocca] has the experience, resources and expertise to fully coordinate materials and logistics to complete projects of any size.”

Indulge Without Worrying

If you marvel over the iPhone or the latest Blackberry® devices, but feel their fragile designs don’t fit an installer’s lifestyle, you haven’t discovered Otterbox. The Defender series features three layers of protection to serve as insurance and allow you to store your phone alongside tools without worry.

Layer one is an optional, thermal-formed membrane that covers the screen and keyboard to prevent nicks and scratches; layer two is a high-impact polycarbonate shell that encases the device, protecting it from most anything a window film installer can throw at it in an average day; and layer three features a durable silicone to absorb inevitable bumps and shocks. www.otterbox.com 

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