Volume 13, Issue 5 - September/October 2009

The Annual Buyer's Guide


Exterior Products With Experience
As glazing technology pushes closer to a triple-pane standard, the window film industry must make strides to keep up. And Hanita Coatings is no Johnny-come-lately. HanitaTEK officials say the company’s XtraZone™ films are built on its vast experience with exterior films in Europe and are arriving to the North American market in perfect timing.

Titan™ films have a neutral gray appearance and offer low reflectivity, while pressure sensitive adhesives are easy to install and produce outstanding optical clarity. They are available in 20-, 35- and 50-percent visible light transmission ratings, and they deliver total solar energy rejection levels of 74-, 61- and 53-percent, respectively.

And HanitaTEK’s external films aren’t just for advanced glazing situations. The company employs the same technologies to produce PolyZone clear, six-mil, SR anti-graffiti films for use on plastic substrates like Lexan® polycarbonate and Plexiglas® acrylic. Company officials say this combination has led to a perfect film for outdoor structures that are vulnerable to graffiti and scratching and it solves the problems associated with plastic glazing, outdoor lifetime use and removability.

New Options for Advanced Glazing
For the longest time, building owners with Low-E, laminated or wired glazing and other large glass facades typically have been left out on the benefits of window film. Traditional internal window films were not suited for these situations, either due to limited access, or because of the physical properties of the glass itself. With the advent of external films, that all changes.

Solar Gard has launched two new outside weatherable films: Sentinel™ Silver 20 and Silver 35. Because they are installed on the outside surface of glass, both block heat from entering which reduces the risk of glass breakage, a rare but critical issue for buildings with large vertical or sloping glass facades.

The 2-mil films in Solar Gard’s Sentinel series reject up to 78-percent of total solar energy. Other benefits include: maintaining the Low-E functionality of the glass while simultaneously reducing the risk of glass breakage and seal failure; easy cleaning, durability and scratch-resistance; the ability to protect glazing from dirt and other air pollutants; and a five-year vertical and two-year sloped warranties.

Additional Options from SunTek

Commonwealth Laminating and Coating has added several new films to its line up of SunTek architectural and safety and security window films.

Ultra-VisionDS™ is a line of unique, high-end, spectrally-selective films that offer high visible light transmission (VLT) and total solar energy rejection (TSER), while producing relatively low visual reflectance (VR). The company recently added a 40-percent option to this line that also offers 70- and 50-percent. The new 40-percent is available as an 8.5-mil safety and security product as well.

Other new films from SunTek include Dual-ReflectiveDS™ which features a warm, neutral appearance that company officials say provides a pleasing “less reflective” interior. The line is available in 15-, 25- and 35-percent VLT. DR Mirror PS™ is a new one-way mirror film, which provides a distinctive effect for maximum privacy without altering your customer’s view. It blocks 84-precent of the sun’s heat, 99-percent of damaging ultra-violet rays and allows passage for 7-percent of visible light.

Last but not least, SunTek has added a 25-percent option to its 8.5 mil dual-reflective SymphonyDS™ safety and security films, which includes 35- and 50-percent options as well.


Be In All Places At Once
U.S. Film Crew is now providing multiple levels of project management services—nationwide. The Pittsburgh-based provider can give your company a managing presence when you can’t be there. Services include: strategic management of multiple sites, in multiple cities and locations; plans for maximum efficiency and quality; and an utmost attention to detail.

Company officials say it can provide services for multiple large projects or thousands of small projects. U.S. Film Crew can be there when you can’t.


Install Structural Sealant With Ease
Applying structural sealant to a security film installation is a must for performance, but it can also create quite a headache and a mess. Most installers use a masking agent around the area where sealant must be applied and a smoothing tool to create an attractive bead. Once it’s installed, the masking must be removed in proper timing to prevent defects. And if your customer comes along and touches the sealant before the drying period is over, it’s back to base one.

FilmFastener LLC offers an alternative to this messy system with a product called BondKap®. BondKap is designed to be pressed into a freshly-laid silicone bead—not only giving it that perfect look and shape, but also protecting it during the curing process. No tape or smoothing tools are required. Just cut the cap to the desired length and press it into the wet sealant. BondKap automatically adjusts to the correct angle; then, all you have to do is scrape away any sealant that makes its way to the outside of the cap and you’re done. BondKap stays in place permanently.

A Neutral, Darker Option
Johnson Window Films’ newest line of automotive films are designed to help you match all the latest shades of automotive glass. When its dealers said it was becoming increasingly difficult to match up, Johnson officials knew it was time to go back to the drawing board in order to produce a neutral, darker shade.

The new Marathon line represents the latest in a series of dyed, metal hybrid films. Its universal black shade offers a color and reflectivity that’s consistent throughout the line and closely matches factory-tinted glass. Marathon is available in five VLT levels, including MN 05, 20, 30, 35 and 45.

Keep the View or Simply Enhance It
CPFilms recently added a number of architectural films to its LLumar and Vista lineups, offering its dealers several unique new options.

The Vista Nanoceramic™ series combines strong solar and energy savings performance with what company officials describe as a crystal clear “skytone” appearance. This new spectrally-selective film is designed to provide stunning views and, unlike many films, its non-metal construction resists corrosion, doesn’t require sealing and won’t interfere with electronic signals. A patented scratch-resistant coating with UVShield™ technology also provides durability.

For those customers who are looking for something more than a crystal clear view, LLumar has introduced its exclusive one-way mirror film to the North American market. This film creates a unique, one-way mirror effect by combining high external reflectivity with low internal reflectivity. And by rejecting 84-percent of solar energy, it lowers energy costs and improves comfort at the same time. Both the company’s Clear Distortion-Free (CDF) or pressure sensitive (HPR) adhesives are available for installation flexibility.

For a look of privacy that continues to let sunlight in, LLumar’s Etched Frost product offers the appearance of etched glass, along with easy installation and maintenance. This first in a new series of vinyl films can be cut to even the most exacting design and its frosted white appearance diffuses light, which is ideal for back-lit signs.



Styles You See and Styles You Don’t
Solamatrix made debuts in both the automotive and architectural segments this summer. Black Lava, the latest addition to its Sun-Gard automotive line, is a metal-free film that offers a true-black color to enhance the look of any vehicle. With a unique 1.5 mil single-ply construction, Black Lava is the next generation of GPS-, AM radio- and keyless lock-friendly automotive film. Company officials say dealers will love the product’s installation characteristics, calling it one of the best shrinking films on the market.

“There is currently nothing else out there that installs as easily and the color looks impressive on any vehicle,” says Bill Stewart, North American sales and operations manager.

Black Lava films are available in 5-, 20-, 35- and 50-percent VLT ratings.

In the architectural department, Solamatrix introduced IQue, its newest line of spectrally selective films. IQue is engineered by sister company V-Kool and is being launched in several markets including the United States, Canada and Europe. These films are virtually clear, yet capable of blocking more than half of the sun’s heat without drastically changing the appearance of glass.


The Utmost In Image
Many tinters know the importance of branding and image. And for those who want to take it to new heights, Performance Tools Distributing in Plain City, Ohio, offers a new option—cabinets by Unique Garage. Through a recently signed agreement, Performance now distributes these one-of-a-kind shop appointments that company officials say offer the only pressure laminated graphics on the market.

Unique Garage’s cabinets aren’t produced by a sticker or vinyl, so you don’t have to worry about your technicians accidently scratching away at your company’s image. And Performance can order up virtually any image—whether it be one of your priceless rides, a company logo or even a family photo shot. You name it, and they can place it in your shop.

Sharpen Up

A good scraper is a window film installer’s best friend. And OLFA-North America is constantly striving to make sure that you have the best available. The Rosemont, Ill.-based company recently introduced six new OLFA® high-performance, professional scrapers and four replacement blades.

OLFA’s new scrapers are engineered for maximum scraping power and for demanding jobs. They feature durable construction for solid weight bearing and are fabricated with easy-to-clean, chemical resistant handles. In a departure from your typical scraper, OLFA models are designed for easy, tool-free blade changing and the company’s blades are produced of high-grade Japanese steel for maximum sharpness and endurance.

Multi-Edge arc scrapers are available in both a one-inch (T-25) and the 1¾-inch (T-45) style. They feature a unique handle design, which enables the fitted scraper blades to “arc” for pin-point abilities and detailed scraping, or to flatten for a wider scraping area. Extra blade storage in the handle adds convenience.


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