Volume 14, Issue 1- January/February 2010


Making the Cut
Now available is a new version of Enpro Distributing Inc.’s proprietary cutting system software, FirstCut® 2.0 for automotive window tint, paint protection film and headlight protection film. The company says the software package includes increased functionality, improved browser utility and enhanced searching capabilities.

The FirstCut® system gives users cut-on-demand access to libraries of window tint patterns, paint protection patterns, and headlight patterns, and also allows the user to make and save custom changes to the patterns to fit their installation style. The software also can be used for graphics, vinyl and decorative window film.

Right on “Que”
Solar heat load can sometimes be a challenge for laminated, low-E or wired glass used on skylights or vertical glass facades in commercial projects. The IQue® new genre of external glass treatment solutions from V-Kool® is designed specifically for those applications. The new film products, which are installed on the external surface of the glass, are designed to reject heat from penetrating through, helping to save energy and also reduce the risk of glass breakage.

According to company officials, the new IQue® 18A (OSW) and IQue® 38A (OSW) are able to reject up to 82 percent of total solar energy and enable effective glare control. The external glass treatment solution also maintains the low-E attributes of glass and protects the glass facades from dirt, debris and is easily maintained.

New From Solar Gard
When consumers are ready to make a purchase they often turn to the Web first. That’s one reason why Solar Gard® says its new Virtual Solar Gard website at http://solargard.com/virtual/ can be an important resource for both dealers and consumers. The new interactive resource provides online access to videos, images and tutorials covering a variety of topics from energy consumption to privacy and security. According to company officials, the website is designed to highlight the company’s role in the window film industry and its focus on helping dealers bring the benefits of window film to a broad audience.

In addition, the company has released ComputerCut® 7.0, a new software package for window film plotting and pattern cutting. Features include a new pattern editor that enables dealers to fix and adjust patterns and save them so they are easily accessible; support for imported patterns; a split database to search for patterns specific to auto makes and models in the dealer’s area; and plotter independence, which supports more than 100 different plotters. The software is also available in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish.

Glass-Gard® Films Receive Bomb Blast Certification
Glass-Gard® 8-mil and 12-mil films from Solamatrix Inc. have passed internationally recognized bomb-blast testing standards for both General Services Administration (GSA) and ISO protocols.

Both the 8-mil and 12-mil films passed the U.S. GSA Explosion Resistant Standard with a 3B rating. The tests were conducted by an independent laboratory using multi-ply film with a wet-glaze anchoring system on ¼-inch, single-pane, annealed glass. In addition, the 8-mil film passed the ISO 16933 test for arena air-blast loading, receiving an EXV33 classification. The film was tested on ¼-inch, annealed glass in conjunction with two different anchoring systems (gullwing and wet-glaze), receiving the same classification for both.

SAFTI First Launches Certified Field Filming Program
The International Code Council requires all glazing in potentially hazardous locations (such as doors and sidelites) to comply with Federal Consumer Products Safety Commission impact resistance standards. As such, all additions and alterations to existing buildings must comply with the new codes, including the replacement of existing wired glass.

Through its new Intertek Testing Services (ITS) certified field filming program, SAFTI First has expanded its patented application of security film to wired glass beyond its factory to include field applications throughout the country. According to company information, the new program is the only field filming program that upgrades traditional wired glass to a listed and labeled 20-90 minute fire-rated product that meets the safety requirements of the 2003 and 2006 International Building Code (IBC).

The company says extensive testing of its filmed fire-rated products and filming procedures by ITS eliminates any uncertainty of product performance and that ITS certifies the film applicator’s training and then monitors the labeled service provider’s ongoing activity through periodic audits and the regular review of installation records.

paint protection films
Add-On Opportunities
Paint protection products are becoming increasingly popular among film installers. XPEL Technologies Corp. in San Antonio has added more components to its paint protection system offerings. Included is an enhanced version of the company’s installation gel and a paint protection film cleaner that can assist in removing stains from all brands of paint protection films.

In addition, the company released its 60-inch wide clear-coated roll of its standard and premium paint protection film and also launched enhanced software tools with the release of Design Access Program 8.0. This includes MyDAP utilities, which company officials say gives customers the ability to publish their designs to the XPEL library and earn commissions. A new web-based product catalog is also available.

CPFilms Announces New Paint Protection Film
A new LLumar® branded paint protection film is the latest launch from St. Louis-based CPFilms. The company says it worked closely with its professional dealer network to develop a paint protection product that would be durable and easy to install, have a high-gloss finish, and also provide a virtually invisible shield that can help defend against abrasions, nicks and scratches from insects, small road debris and winter sand and salt for year-round added protection. 

The LLumar paint protection film is a counter-seasonal product that company officials say is 33 percent thicker than its previous paint protection offerings.

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