Volume 14, Issue 2 - March/April 2010


There’s an App for That
iPhone users can find apps for just about everything, from restaurants to driving directions. And now HanitaTek Window Films has launched the InfoZone, an app created just for the film industry. Available for both the iPhone and iPod Touch, this free app is designed to streamline the business process of selling and estimating film projects.

One feature of the new app is the InfoZone’s Estimator, which is designed to calculate project sizes quickly and without errors; an installer enters the project details into InfoZone, which then calculates the total glass area of the project plus the amount of window film needed in each size for the project.

“We know that each window film installer has his or her own way to calculate film use for each project,” says Jim Black, HanitaTek president. “We believe our estimator delivers an instant, efficient estimate for most projects, and we are hoping installers will challenge us to keep making it better. The purpose of the tool is to help a window film dealer estimate projects faster and more efficiently. Also, InfoZone allows a prospective client to see that you are on the cutting edge of technology, presenting a positive image for any film installation company.”

The estimator’s output can be emailed directly from the iPhone (or iPod Touch) to installers, shop managers, or even the prospective customer. The new app is available through iTunes and the Apple App Store.

SunTek Films Earn NFRC Certification
Commonwealth Laminating & Coating, manufacturer of SunTek Window Films, has earned certification by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) for a number of its products. The certification documents were finalized on January 20, 2010, and the products were tested for certification in early 2009; submission to the International Glazing Database (IGDB) occurred in July 2009 for the August 2009 release of the database (IGDB 17.1).

“Certification of the products is important to show that the products’ specifications are reported as tested by a common method acceptable by the industry,” says Brandon Lane, technical services manager for Commonwealth. “Additionally, certification ensures that the products are being manufactured consistently within specification by a conforming quality system. Proper testing and reporting of the specifications is also important for energy credits from various utilities and tax credits from the IRS.”

Liza Bradford, Commonwealth’s manager of sales and marketing - North America, adds, “By gaining NFRC certification and the ability to more accurately estimate energy savings, we hope to provide our dealers with the opportunity to capitalize on the “green movement” and further grow their business.”

Lane adds, “Everyone is trying to be more green. Reducing energy consumption for cooling a building, but maintaining appropriate daylighting at the same time, can help reduce the total energy requirements for that building. Reducing the total energy requirement lowers the carbon-footprint and lowers energy costs as well.”

The company currently has 12 products certified and has also submitted seven more films to the IGDB, including its Ultra-Vision DS series, DRMPS, and DRM DS.

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