Volume 14, Issue 2 - March/April 2010

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We’ve probably all had someone say to us “Don’t rush through it!” I can remember hearing that phrase growing up when it came to studying for and taking exams. Thinking back to our school days, I’m sure we all recall that rushing through the questions without thoroughly reading them often made for careless mistakes—mistakes that could have been avoided.

The same can be said for our jobs. There are some people who simply want to get one project done and then move on to the next; others choose to take the time and do more than just finish the task at hand. These are the people who often go a step beyond just getting it done and rushing on to the next and instead focus on getting the job done well and getting it right.

And sure, there was always that one kid in school who could just breeze through all of the tests without cracking a book, but many of us (including me) had to put a lot of effort into studying and doing more than just getting by. Sometimes, this involved spending extra time with teachers for help in understanding the math questions; or maybe you worked with a tutor or had a study group. Either way, those of us in this boat knew we had to ask for help in order to take our grades to the next level.

The same is true for our jobs. We want to do well—better than well, even—but maybe we need a little extra help in getting there. After all, the industry is changing almost daily as new products and technologies are developed, new trends unfold and the demands and requirements from consumers escalate. Luckily, there’s help.

Starting with the May-June issue of Window Film magazine we will be including a new column: Ask the Expert. This new editorial section will be written by Donna Wells, an expert in window film sales, consulting and marketing, who will address your top questions and concerns in each of her columns. Got a question? Then we have the answers. Maybe you’re looking to expand your business to include new products or services and you’re just not sure the best path to take. Maybe you want to enter new markets or begin working with architects. We can help. Simply send me an e-mail to erogers@glass.com with your questions and we will forward them on to Donna. Prefer to remain anonymous? No problem. Just let us know and we will make sure your name and company name are withheld.

And this new column is not the only thing new for Window Film readers. We are also jumping on the social media bandwagon and are now on Twitter. Check us out at www.twitter.com/windowfilmmag and become one of our followers and you’ll receive all of our “tweets” on the latest industry news, events and much more.

Enjoy these new features and, as always, your ideas, questions and concerns are important to us, so feel free to e-mail me to share your thoughts on what you read in our magazine, online or what’s happening in the window film world.

Ellen Rogers is the editor of Window Film magazine.

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