Volume 14, Issue 3 - May/June 2010


Film in the News
Compiled from News Reports Around the World

Window film is a popular item among consumers and, as such, stories about it pop up almost every day in newspapers around the world. The Window Film staff has compiled a few on this page that we found interesting. To submit articles that you see in consumer publications or your own hometown press, please e-mail a link to the story to erogers@glass.com or mail a copy of the article to Attn: Window Film magazine, P.O. Box 569, Garrisonville, VA 22463.

Prime Time News
Buffalo, N.Y. - In 2008 Ralph and Karen Guastaferro took part in the ABC reality show “Wife Swap,” on which they reportedly opened up about their entire lives, so much so that viewers probably thought they knew everything about them. However, the couple still had another story to tell—one that took place in federal court.

According to news reports, Ralph Guastaferro admitted to laundering $1.2 million in illegal proceeds for a Canadian telemarketing scheme, and his wife admitted she failed to declare wages for half her workers at their glass tinting shop, Eclipse Glass Tinting. The reports say that between 2004 and 2008 she failed to report wages for all the workers, including herself and her husband, she employed at the glass tinting business.

Now the Guastaferros, news reports say, “who were flush enough in January 2008 when they were reality TV stars to give their daughter a brand new Chevrolet Tahoe — even though she was too young to drive” — can not even pay their lawyers. And that’s not all. Both admitted felonies could send them to federal prison: 46 to 57 months for him; 10 to 16 months for her under federal sentencing guidelines.

A Hefty Load
Augusta, Ga. - Cops were just doing their jobs when they made a routine traffic stop for a window tint violation. But upon stopping the car they found themselves faced with somewhat of a heavier situation. The stop happened along Interstate 20, which law enforcement officials say is becoming a “super highway for drug smugglers.”

According to news reports, officers stopped Jamie Gardner and Steve Harper over a window tint violation, but upon checking the trunk found 120 pounds of marijuana on it’s way to Augusta, with a street value of at least $120,000.

“100 pounds is a lot for somebody to be carrying down I-20,” Taliaferro County Sheriff Marc Richards told WRDW News 12.

A Good, Swift Kick
United Kingdom - Here in the United States news stories about sports stars getting into legal troubles surface on a regular basis. But U.S. sports celebs aren’t the only ones finding themselves in such situations. A recent report in the Mirror.Co.Uk, the online edition of The Daily Mirror, a British tabloid newspaper, stated that five Premier League footballers (that’s soccer here in the states) were fined for having blacked-out car windows.

According to the tabloid, police “swooped” on Manchester City’s training ground when they saw that keeper Shay Given’s Bentley Continental had very dark windows. At the training complex, they are said to have found five other players’ cars were also illegal. Captain Kolo Touré, players Shaun Wright-Phillips, Patrick Vieira, Stephen Ireland and Given were all given £30 (about $45) fixed penalty notices. The tabloid said the players were furious, but still had the windows tinted lighter.

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