Volume 14, Issue 3 - May/June 2010

Dear Reader

Hats Off To …

How many of you know someone in the window film industry who is out there doing all kinds of great work, tackling tremendous responsibilities and taking on more duties than they’re credited? These are the folks who work countless hours and unselfishly give all that they have to ensure not just a job well done, but also a job that exceeds expectations. These are the people who do it all while never seeking the spotlight or any gratification; at the end of the day they simply know they’ve done all they could—the best they could—in one day’s work.

At Window Film magazine we know that often these people are the ones working at the local tint shop, taking on job after job, putting their all into the job simply because they love what they do. They may not be seeking recognition, but we think they deserve it and that’s why we will soon be starting a new feature—The Tinter of the Week—in our bi-monthly Focus on Film e-newsletter. This regularly scheduled section will spotlight an installer who YOU have found to be extraordinary in the way he or she approaches their job. So, here’s what we need from you:

If you know an installer who goes above and beyond what he or she is called to do, we want to hear from you. Tell us what makes this person stand out and give us an example that illustrates how he or she has taken their responsibilities to the next level. Tell us, what’s this person do that no one else does and why is he/she deserving of recognition as the Window Film magazine Tinter of the Week?

Give it some thought and then send me an email at erogers@glass.com with your nomination. Please provide your nominee’s
name, company name, city and state, as well as contact information. Our editorial team will review each entry, looking for those unique qualities and characteristics worthy of recognition.

There’s a lot of good work being done out there that’s not getting the credit it deserves, so let’s get those nominations coming in, because it’s time to showcase some of this industry’s best workers.

Ellen Rogers is the editor of Window Film magazine.

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