Volume 15, Issue 1- January-February 2011


My Anti-Resolution
By Katie Hodge

Across the globe, everyone cheered as the New Year started. Among friends and via television everyone started proclaiming their New Yearís resolutions and hoping that 2011 would bring success in personal and professional ways. I, for one, am not a big fan of resolutions. I never seem to keep them and, frankly, they seem like just another bunch of hopeful wishes. How many people really make it past the first three or four days of going to the gym? In fact, arenít resolutions more about what you failed to do in 2010 than what you are going to do in 2011?

So my resolution this year is not to have a resolution based off of last yearóthink of it as an anti-resolution. Therefore, I choose to look forward and I am excited for 2011.

The window film industry has a lot to look forward to as well. Consumers are becoming more aware of window film and its benefits and when you look at the amount of glass that is as yet unprotected by film, the opportunities are endless. While so many industries are struggling to make money, the window film industry has maintained its success and even managed to grow.

If the SEMA show was any indication, paint protection film is going to take off. Tinters and shop owners were intrigued by demonstrations and stopped to watch and discuss what they were seeing. In addition to paint protection, our two-part article on vehicle wraps sparked a lot of interest in vehicle wraps as a value-added option for window film businesses. Donít be surprised if you hear more about wraps in 2011.

We canít talk about the future and not mention the advancements that are being made to improve film. Technological advancement is at an all-time high and our products are better than ever. There truly is a product for any need. Iím raising my glass to technological developments in 2011. I am curious what we will be talking about this time next year.

We also have lot of exciting things happening here at the magazine. Our Filmíd video series has sparked a lot of interest and Iíve found that itís a great vehicle to tell you a story in a new way (you can find all of the current episodes at www.windowfilmmag.com/studio). We are also reporting real time with our Facebook and Twitter pages. If you donít have time to check the website every day you can get the latest news straight to your newsfeed or Twitter account. Head over to www.windowfilmmag.com and click on the Facebook, Twitter and Linked In icons to connect with us. We also want to encourage you to get interactive. If you do a window film job that you think is particularly cool send it over to us and we may put it up on our Facebook page for our friends to see.

Also, we hope you make September one to remember. The 2011 International Window Film Tint-Off and Conferenceô will be taking place in Memphis, Tenn. September 15-16. The best tinters in the business will be there to show off their skills. Education will also be a part of the two day event, which will be co-located with Auto Glass Weekô. I look forward to meeting you there.

As this New Year begins allow yourself to be excited about what your window film future has in store for you. Check out something new and let us know how 2011 is treating you.

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