Volume 15, Issue 1 - January-February 2011


Tinter Shines by Going Above and Beyond
David Zuck never really goes home from work. He may leave the All American Window Tint building in Hermitage, Tenn., at the end of the day, but he is always thinking about window tinting and promoting the company he works for. In the four years that Zuck has been a manager there he has done much more than just tinting cars.

Zuck has become an amateur guerilla marketer. Outside of tinting and his work hours you can find Zuck handing out business cards, sporting his company shirt on days off, making notes about large unprotected houses he sees and training or mentoring new tinters who have joined the shop.

Owner Lisa King has watched Zuck help build the business.

“He is professional, dedicated and always willing to share his skill and knowledge,” says King. “He is never shy of a challenge and has impressed numerous customers with his inventive ways of conquering a difficult job. He has no fear of a hard job and works tirelessly.”

Zuck started tinting in 1988 when he was trying to figure out how to afford a tint job for his own car.

“I was not going to pay $250 to have my back window tinted so I bought some film and started from there. Eventually my friends wanted me to do their cars.”

Zuck originally owned and started All American Window Tinting a decade ago and eventually sold it to his good friend King and re-joined later on as a manager. Because of his affiliation with the company, Zuck works extra hard to promote the company.

“In a way it’s always been my name out there and my reputation. Even though I don’t own it anymore I still feel like I am representing the company,” says Zuck. “If I couldn’t be happy with a job then I wouldn’t ask my customers to pay for it. We tell trainees that if you have a question whether or not something is acceptable then it’s not acceptable.”

Zuck has left his mark outside the bay as well. Zuck has worked tirelessly to improve business and mentor new tinters.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions,” Zuck advises them. “Don’t pretend you know something if you don’t. Never take shortcuts. Quality is what is going to keep you in business and what is going to keep your business coming back.”

In the future, Zuck hopes he can help the business continue to grow.

“Ten years from now I would imagine us having two to three locations. I’d like to see us grow in size and never let up on quality. Quality is definitely number one.”

When Zuck does take time off from tinting and promoting you can likely find him riding his Yamaha motorcycle through back roads and enjoying the scenery.

Do you know someone whose efforts stand out above the rest? Then we want to hear from you with your nominations for “Film Stars.”

E-mail your nominations to Katie Hodge at khodge@glass.com.

Do you know someone who is a star among window film tinters? Then we want to hear from you with your nominations for “Film Stars.” E-mail your nominations to Katie Hodge at khodge@glass.com.

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