Volume 15, Issue 1- January-February 2011


Directed Electronics Enters Film Industry
Directed Electronics, a company known for its consumer-branded vehicle security and remote start systems, has added a window film line, Viper Window Film, to its product offerings.

Viper Window Film will feature three individual product lines. According to the company, Viper Ultra Film was developed to reduce the temperature inside vehicles and is available in different sizes and colors. Viper Security Film was designed to strengthen vehicle glass while Viper Ceramic Film offers the benefits of typical window film without changing the color of the windows drastically.

Select Viper officials said they expected to begin offering the film in late January.

Trading Glossy for Matte
3M has introduced a new line of paint protection film that has a matte finish. The 3M VentureShield Paint Protection Matte Finish Film 7710 offers an alternative look to the traditional glossy paint protection films.

The matte finish film can be used on any make or model car and can be custom cut to the vehicle. The film is 8mil including the adhesive and can be installed like any other VentureShield film. In order to create the matte look there is no clear coat on the film. It can be used to coat an entire car or to create style features like racing stripes on the hood or side of the vehicle.

Like other 3M films it is recommended for professional installation only.

On the Surface
Most of the industry’s window films are used to protect what lies inside the windows, however there are other film products that protect the windows themselves. Surface Guard 12330L UV protective film is used to coat glass and high gloss frame surfaces during manufacturing and installation.

According to the company, this 3mil film provides a protective layer against water/condensation, heat, high surface energy, scratches, soiling and marring. The film is designed to protect windows during fabrication, shipping and installing and, according to the company, can be easily removed when finished.

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