Volume 15, Issue 4 - July/August 2011

By Katie Hodge

Under Pressure

I write well under pressure. Iím not proud of it, but itís true. When up against a deadline, my work seems to be better and more concise. I suppose that could mean that my natural instincts are good, maybe even better than my thought-through prose. Unfortunately, this means I always seem to end up under pressure, whether from myself or my co-workers. It leaves me to wonder at times if the product is worthy of the mental sacrifice. For now, I have decided it is. I think about people who are really good at what they do and how nearly all of them have to sacrifice something. An Olympic athlete sacrifices thousands of hours of their social life to be the best at their sport, great artists and musicians sacrifice time with their family and other hobbies to create something that moves another individual and really great tinters sacrifice their time and the appeal of more money and jobs to make sure a job is done right every time.

It led me to think about what the payoff is. For an Olympic athlete the payoff is a gold medal, physical excellence and worldwide recognition and fame. For that artist or musician the reward is a record deal, or a painting hanging in a museum and maybe connecting on a deeper level to someone that really feels what they feel in a song or painting. What about the tinter? The reward might be pride in their work or a recommendation by a former customer. However, their tint jobs donít win medals or get hung in museums.

Thatís where the beauty lies with something like the International Window Film Tint-Off and Conferenceô. The wonderful thing about a contest like this is that people are being recognized for doing a good quality job when the option is available to just slap it on there and move on. When given the option to just slide by or to give someone the best of your abilities our tinters are commendable. And, yes, they do deserve to be recognized and in a big way. The competition is not really about who wins first place, but about encouraging responsible and quality service and installation within our industry. Thatís not to say that these technicians wonít put pressure on themselves. In fact, I would expect most of them to have butterflies and be expecting to walk away as the winner. With $10,000 on the line for first prize I would be anxious too. If our competing technicians are anything like me a little self-imposed pressure might just end up producing the best tint job in their career.

Iíll be there to check out the competition and chat with members of the industry about what is new in their area. I would love the chance to get to know my readers better so come up and say hello if you see me.

If youíre nervous about the pressure and just want to do a scouting trip of the competition you can sign up as a conference attendee which includes spectator registration at the Tint-Off. All of this can be found at windowfilmmag.com/tintoff, but donít let me put any pressure on you.

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