Volume 15, Issue 2 - March-April 2011

By Katie Hodge

Waiting Game

While patience may be considered a virtue, I don’t have it. I like to know answers immediately and hate waiting on hold for a call center to help me or for my check at a restaurant. Maybe I am a product of the Internet age or maybe I am just anxious to be in the know. I suppose it could be what drives me to be a writer. I like to know the story.

As you might guess, waiting to find out how and if window film will be included in Obama’s “Better Buildings Initiative” is killing me. The proposed initiative set a goal to make commercial buildings 20-percent more energy-efficient by 2020 by catalyzing private sector investment through a series of incentives to upgrade offices, stores, schools and other municipal buildings, universities, hospitals, and other commercial buildings.

After the story broke I tried to figure out how the industry would see the possible legislation. I knew that some industry members would have a positive response, while others would remain skeptical. However, for the most part everyone had the same answer—let’s wait and see.

While the legislation has great potential, we really do just have to wait and see what the language of the bill is. The most commonly discussed word is “retrofit.” If the legislation includes retrofitting as well as new products it could mean positive things for window film. We asked around to see what others in the industry thought about the initiative and have featured them on page 34. If you are interested in sharing your opinion visit our facebook page and join the discussion.

While I wait for an answer, I have been busy learning more about paint protection film (which you can read about on page 22) and decorative films (more on page 30). The window film industry has so many unique products and services to offer and there are so many trade secrets to learn about each one. For instance, I have learned quite a bit about the working relationship between paint protection film installers and car dealerships. The mutually beneficial relationship can give an extra boost to your business.

Just like paint protection film installers, decorative film companies rely on relationships to increase business. The relationship between installers, architects and designers is crucial to bringing in new business and building your portfolio of what services you can provide. Like always, I am interested to see how your companies handle these products and the relationships surrounding them. If you have a comment to add after reading the articles come visit me on our facebook and twitter pages and share your thoughts. In addition, I want to see photos!

Send me (khodge@glass.com) your photos of paint protection and decorative film applications and we might just feature them on our facebook page for all to see.

In the meantime, I’ll be waiting.

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