Volume 15, Issue 3 - May-June 2011

By Katie Hodge

Tag, You’re It!z

As a little kid the term “tag” simply meant that ever-entertaining game of chase. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of the hours spent in the late summer afternoons playing tag in my backyard with the neighborhood kids. Of course, we were interested in other games too and the game of tag eventually evolved into something different from just “tagging” someone. When I was introduced to “freeze tag” I thought that the game’s inventors must be pure genius. I couldn’t believe that we hadn’t been playing this form of tag all along. Since those summer days of endless play the term “tag” has taken on all new meanings. I find myself playing “telephone tag” frequently when trying to get in touch with all of these vendors for my upcoming nuptials and now due to the invention of Facebook the term, “tag me” takes on a whole new meaning. Facebook adopted the phrase “tag” in relation to linking photos of people to their personal profile. So if some fascinating and equally charming magazine editor takes your picture at a show she can now tag the photo on Facebook to link it back to your profile and ultimately you.

However, now we are taking “tags” one step further. Throughout this publication and our sister publications you will see these little square bar codes called MS tags. These tags, when combined with a smartphone, provide instant access to select online content. This allows you to do a number of unique things, including accessing FILM’d videos that pertain to print articles and learning just a bit more about a story in print. Also, it allows you to access web addresses directly from the magazine. For example, say you want more information on the upcoming 2011 International Window Film Tint-Off and Conference™. Just use your phone to take a photo of the MS tag on page 16 and you will be immediately transferred to the website that will have all the information you need, including registration, right at your fingertips.

The question is, “how does it work?” In order to utilize the MS tags, visit http://gettag.mobi on your smartphone to download the appropriate tag reader (free of charge). You can also search for “tag reader” in the app store and download it at no cost. Then simply open the app, point your smart phone at any MS tag and you will immediately be taken to the enhanced online content.

Try it out with this issue of Window Film magazine and let us know what you think by e-mailing me (khodge@glass.com). In other words, “Tag, you’re it.”


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